Let There Be Peace Clip Ornament
One of the two classes I'll be teaching at the Creative Connection is the Let There Be Peace Clip Ornament Workshop. This workshop is replacing the Wool Felt Pin Cushion Workshop at this event.

This tiny clip ornament will bring a bit of sparkle to your holiday… We’ll be using vintage glass beads and bulbs, an old tree clip, tinsel, and pom poms to create this sweet nesting bird.

Sign up for one day (that's two different workshops) or 3 fun filled days of projects, lectures, outings and more... Check out all the details here.


The second class I'll be teaching at the Creative Connection is very exciting for me... This will be the first time I've shared my process of making jointed stuffed pieces- The Basics of Sewing Heritage Toys. In this workshop you'll make a stuffed mohair bunny with jointed arms that’s perfect for holiday gifting or display in your home. Buy a presewn pattern at the workshop, or sew your own and bring it with you to class.* Either way, you’ll learn the ins and outs of basic pattern making and vintage toy construction, including machine sewing on mohair, stuffing with excelsior, joining systems, and hand sewing techniques.

*Students opting to sew the bunny beforehand will receive a pattern, information on where to purchase the fabric, and sewing instructions by mid-June. You will need to order 1/4 yard of fabric, draw and cut out the pattern pieces, and sew the pieces together. The machine sewing should take about 1 hour.

Sign up for one day (that's two different workshops) or 3 fun filled days of projects, lectures, outings and more... Check out all the details here.



I'm so excited- the Creative Connection website is now up and registration is open! Hurrrhaaa! I'll be posting more about the event soon, but I just wanted to give all of you the info as soon as it came to me. I'll be teaching two classes and best of all- all the events take place right here in Minneapolis. For everyone who's a little afraid of snow- rest easy, we hardly have any in September (hahaha).


in progress

I've been working on a few new pieces for the last week- I'm really loving the shape and color of these bears and can't wait until they're done. The delayed gratification of working on a number of pieces at once is a nice change. I like seeing all the little limbs lined up, but man alive- it does seem like it's taking forever for these little bits to come together.

I'm just figuring out my schedule this week, so I'll be posting when the next update will be soon.



The fact that I'm posting a photo with my misshapen toes is proof of my overwhelming excitement for my first pair of socks- which are nearly finished. This has been my evening project for the last two months- I keep trying on the one that's finished for inspiration to keep working. I don't know about anyone else, but knitting pairs of things is really hard for me. I finish one and can't help but feel like- "Ok, I know what that's going to look like- who wants to finish the other now?". Anyway... I'm feeling quite happy with these and even more happy that I'll be able to actually wear both socks very soon.
Here's the pattern which is just as easy as it's name implies, and the Finullgarn Yarn I used (in colors 4887 sea green and 406 wheat heather).


day dreams of mischievous dogs

Jay and I lost our old dog Jessie this summer. I haven't written about Jessie for these last 7 months because missing her was so overwhelming I didn't think I could do it in "public"... ohhh I miss that dog. While we most certainly have our hands full with Claude and I don't think I'll be looking seriously anytime soon, I sure do like to flirt with the idea of having another dog in my life...
While at my sisters house this summer I noticed this super sweet book- so glad she posted it on her blog. Ohhhh those mischievous mongrels make me crazy happy (and so does this beautiful book).


more from the studio of Murphy Bears...

I can't get enough of my mom's studio- and from all of your notes about the post yesterday neither can all of you- so here are some more! It's such a small space but its packed full of beautiful objects:

While I was visiting we worked on a small quilt for Claude in my mom's studio... We had piles and piles of fabric spread out on the floor, arranging and rearranging. The scenery inspires. It's a pretty magical place- not just her studio, but the whole of my childhood home. Yes of course it's important to me because I grew up there but beyond that it's filled with oddities to engage ones imagination. I miss being there already- but my home now is in Minneapolis and it's a pretty great place to come back to-


stashes in the studio...

My mom has such amazing little collections of objects-
here's a small sample of little bits from around her studio.


while I'm here

I'm doing a little work...

I've been daydreaming of colorful little chubby pandas- so that's what I started yesterday... It's fun to begin the day with a big piece of white fabric and end up with 10 different little colorful pieces and eventually 5 very unique little panda bears. I think I'll keep my favorite for Claude as I still haven't made him a bear. I think one of these might just be the perfect start to his collection. I'll be sure to post the progress.

ohhhh and I've been making a few photos of my moms workspace- my oh my she has some really cool stuff. Can't wait to share those- coming soon!


Hello Teenytini!

I most certainly need to learn to crochet...
Look at these amazing things made by JK Lange for Teenytini. I'm in love with the individuality of each piece, the stellar color pallets, and how the process of working is evident in the final piece. Dare I say they're prefect? Check out these beautiful pieces and many many others including ridiculously cute crocheted animals. ooooohhh my, they are killing me.


the last few days-

Like everyone else in the northern part of the u.s. we've been nearly snowed in. Nearly snowed in in Minneapolis doesn't mean much of a change in your day... we're pretty much just waiting to get dumped on- so when it happens no one seems to bat an eye. We all just dig out and get on with the day. Jay Claude and I went for a short walk today in the bright snowy-sunny "tundra". It's so bright and wonderful out there right now. Cold- yes, but so brilliant and crisp. It's hard not to be awed by the glaring sun warming the soul and freezing the cheeks- I like it.

So all that said- my ventures outside are short. While inside, I've been dying mohair and making new patterns. I'm really excited about the lucky little old boys in the works. It has been a productive couple days.


in the works...

I'm feeling lucky and ohhh so Irish.
Good things are in our future.



I just want to runway and hideout for a little while-

I'm fairly good at cultivating a quiet space for myself in my day to day but now and then my schedule seems to get the better of me and I feel overwhelmed. Today is just one of those days. For no particular reason- it's just life can be hard sometimes. Right? Anyway it's exacerbated by the cold, super dry and cloudy day here in Minneapolis... so I'm daydreaming in the Blog-o-sphere when I found this post on show + tell. I can't think of anything better than climbing into this little hideout and feeling the warm hydrating air, listening the to quiet expansive forest and doing a whole lot of quiet nothing- just for a little while.
Then I want to be right back here, in my life (I get homesick pretty quickly).


It's been a CRAZY morning-

Thank you so much for all your emails and orders! I'm still working to get though them all, but as it stands now, all the pieces are sold. Because this was a slightly smaller than usual update, pieces sold even faster than usual. So sorry to all who didn't get the opportunity to purchase something special for Valentine's Day. If you tried to order this morning and you haven't heard from me yet- I'll be emailing you soon...

Again- Thank you all for your continued support of my work! I'm already working on something special for St.Pat's and and and...

New Pieces