news from the side-project....

My dD partner, Emily and I recently pulled together some of our summer picks over at Pretty Mommy. Michelle (the genius behind the blog & shop) asked us to make a list of our Want/Need/Wear/Read right now... It wasn't hard to find items for the list, especially after browsing a little in her shop. She seriously kills me- Michelle seems to find all the items I've been coveting across the web and plants them all in one place. Have mercy.  Anyway we each made a bracelet for a GIVEAWAY- have a look and enter to win at her blog...

morninglight... good morning!

It's been an incredibly busy week. I've been packing the house and the studio, working on orders, organizing our impending move, and trying to keep my wits about me. In the midst of all this chaos I've been feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and oddly calm. I suppose that's because I know all his work will bring about amazing Change- change that I wrote about while in Rome, change that we all crave: good- throw everything up in the air and watch how resilient and beautiful life can be- change. I'm looking into the direction that we're headed in and the skies are bright.

So right here- right now? The morning light around here was all summer magic- quiet, warm, and bright. Enjoy your weekend!


out in the yard...

The pigs are getting ready for their Blue Ribbons- first prizes all around.  
(I'm packing up boxes and sending them off tomorrow and Monday!)


to answer all the queries....

Email me if you'd like to place an order! I'll be taking a handful of orders for these spotted "Blue Ribbon Pigs" for the next couple days... then it will be to work work work! They are $165 + Shipping.

Enjoy your weekend!


just posted...

this vintage good looker in the shop:

One more day to snatch up these good bits and pieces
The shop closes tomorrow (Sunday) around 12noon.


new items in the STUDIO SALE-

Shop Update...

Thank you to everyone who so patiently waited for the shop to go live yesterday! I just packed up ALL the boxes (phew) and I'm heading off to the post office soon...
I hope to add I few new items here and there over the next couple days- so stop in from time to time to check out the STUDIO CLEAN OUT SALE!- it's all over on Sunday.

Hello Indigo...

It's stormy here today- so bring on the blue.

Here's Indigo: 
5.5" tall, aged mohair, glass eyes, stuffed with excelsior and organic cotton, vintage (early 1900's) indigo. One of A Kind. $185. If you'd like to Indigo just email me- he'll go the to first request I receive... 



Sorry about that!!!! everything is fine!

Thank you all for your kind and concerned emails and notes! I must apologize- I knew I would be out today when the shop "opened" so I did an auto-post on the blog... but obviously I made a mistake. SORRY EVERYONE!!! It's up now!!!

 (ohhh I'm so embarrassed- but you know- mistakes happen. My cheeks are red.)

..... IT'S ON .....



Tomorrow is the STUDIO SALE! 
Sorry if that's been confusing at all... I've been stocking the shop all week and it will go live tomorrow at 12 noon (CST). Check the blog then for the direct link. Here are a few more details about the sale- and do feel free to email me if you have any questions!

my apologies to those living outside the US:
- to make things as easy as possible I will only be shipping domestically for this sale -



the shop is full and I'm cleaning up the studio...

taking everything out to see what I have made more of mess that I quite know what to do with- so now... to cleaning! Check out all the info on the STUDIO SALE below and stop by the blog on Friday for another new one of a kind bear. Until then....


another sneak peek!

The Studio Sale is coming along! Here's more images of the bits I pulled out yesterday- and more are coming out today. Today- HALLOWEEN! fun. So there are lots of vintage items, supplies, a few newer high quality pieces, pieces for display, and a whole lot of cute things. Come see all the good on...

//// THURSDAY JULY 14th to SUNDAY JULY 17th! \\\\
--- four days only ----

I'll post all the details here (on the blog) when the sale is up - check in at 12noon CST for the link. There are lots of vintage items- so when they're gone they're gone! I'm building the shop now- it will not be on etsy but will be a typical "shopping cart" format. That means you can just check out and pay via paypal- no need to email me with orders. Easy as pie.

~~ STOCK UP ~~
shipping will be calculated on only one item (the heavy/largest) and all the rest ship for free.  The average shipping is just $5-$6... so there will not be any big surprises when you go to check out. All boxes will be mailed from the USPS Priority mail, without insurance. Everything is sold as-is.

Since there are one one of many things - remember that your items are not yours until you've paid for them- IE they can be sold even if they're in your shopping cart, the items sell to the first person to pay for them. 


STUDIO SALE //// coming soon \\\\\\\

It's time to make a fresh start- so I'm cleaning up and getting everything out! I've been stocking up on vintage and occasionally beautiful newer items for years but now I'm feeling the need to purge and simplify the studio- so why not pass some of these goodies on to people who will appreciate them as much as I do?!

I'm working up to a big online sale----> taking photos and going through bins, drawers, shelves, and boxes. It will be short and sweet, maybe just a couple days long. I've yet to set a date but expect to hear more soon! Here's what I've gathered so far- and there is so so so much more to come:



After a number of requests I've made a few supply kits to accompany the Three Pin Cushions Pattern. Included is almost** everything you'll need to make these three pin cushions, now you just have to find the time

~ all the necessary 100% wool Felt
~ 3 needles - one specialty stuffing needle which is hard to find and will change your life!
~ 5" hemostats
~ excelsior stuffing
~ sand stuffing
~ heavy thread
~ embroidery floss
~ all contained in a cotton bag


** the only items you'll need to supply are: scissors, iron, sewing machine and needles, fabric marker... and that's it!

<<< both the supplies and the PDF pattern are available in my Esty Shop now >>>


Ruth Ann... old, worn, and very very loved.

Ruth Ann
the old worn panda rabbit
 cream and muted pink mohair, wool felt pads, stuffed with excelsior, fully disk jointed, vintage button and ribbon, hand dyed and very aged. 10" tall

Ruth Ann has found a home... thanks!


busy day...

I'm just catching my breath now. This morning has been a whirlwind: up early, packing boxes, running off to the inspection of our NEW HOUSE!, meeting with our realtor, running across town to meet with my web designer to see first drafts of the NEW WEBSITE!, and now back home to clean up, do laundry, and figure out what needs to be done in the studio before I pick up Claude in.... ummm.... like 30 minutes. All this with a cold. Who gets a summer cold?! I guess I do, when I'm doing this much running around. At least I'm not suffering along- Claude and Jay have the same thing- maybe we should blame the new daycare. It's all those other kids that go me sick. hahaha.

Anyway, before I run back out of the studio I wanted to share the image I've been working on for the new website. It's just one of many, but I'm really enjoying digging through all of my old files- finding old faces. Ohhh hello you- you - you... and you... and :

check back in tomorrow for another One-Of-A-Kind. This time a Rabbit! I'm on a roll.



George the Patriot
Mohair, stuffed with excelsior and organic cotton, fully disk jointed, onyx eyes, wool felt hat and pants, vintage buttons, cotton tie, vintage silk flag, lightly dyed and aged, stands 6" tall.
 one-of-a-kind. $195  George has found a home...



hello cecil

Cecil the Bear...
Mohair head and 100% wool felt joint body, stuffed with excelsior, glass eyes, vintage cotton pom poms, cotton and wool hat (sew in place), vintage black ribbon, all hand dyed colors and over dyed and aged, sits 5" tall to the tip of his hat. one-of-a-kind. $205  

Cecil has found a home- thanks!

news news and more news

Big things are on the horizon here- in the studio and in my life... Jay and I have been in the process of looking for a new home for the last year and we may have just found our spot. This is all very exciting, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Until the keys are actually in my hands it's hard to believe it's true- and there are more hoops to just through before that day comes. Until then I'm working working working in the studio. I may have a big studio sale- either on etsy or ebay or locally??? I'm not sure, but I've been wanting to pare down my supplies for some time now and this might just be the thing that gets me to do it!

So, what am I working on now? Well a few too many things really: a new website, drafting patterns, and planning for the fall update. That's a lot of thinking and not all that much making so, I've been carving out a few hours here and there to make some one of a kind pieces. Sometimes I just need to refresh the studio, my brain and get my hands to work. I'll be posting the outcome from these making evenings here on the blog over the next week- Each piece will be available to the first person who emails me... which I know is a bit of a free for all but that's the way it will have to be I guess. Trying to keep everything simple in this hectic moment and this heat (is going to be another hot one today)! Check back later today for the first of the group...