four birds around the studio

My studio is a mess. It has been for a while and I've nearly given up on cleaning. I'll suppose act when it becomes unbearable. For now one of the upsides of all the clutter is the daily surprise of moving an object to uncover another. Today- I uncovered four birds from table tops, shelves, and my desk- Hello Birdies, haven't seen you in some time.



I'm making a handful of new limited edition and one of a kind pieces for Earth Angels Toys. I hope to have them all to Jen for her big 11th Annual "spring Fling" in early May. I'll be sure to post more photos as more of the pieces take shape... lots to do around here!


all that's left...

I couldn't resist some of this grey mohair- so I pulled one of the cuts from the shop and began to draw out some new pieces. I love how much you can fit onto a small piece of fabric- one bear good sized bear and a small bunny. Here's all that's left- if I could figure out how to get more out of it - I would!

Check the shop in a few days to see what I've been working on...



All the beautiful colors are now up and available in the shop. Obviously these are limited- even if my life depended on it I couldn't make the same color twice.... so get them now while the get'ns good!



today- hand dying

it's been a while since I've posted posted here about the studio and far longer since I last hand dyed any fabric. I've been working on a number of projects around the house and the studio, but it seems I can't quite get my thoughts in order enough to share the progress. Today, with the blue sky and warm wind (let it be know- it was SNOWING Monday), seemed just the right day to make a few new inspiring colors for the shop, for new bears, and while I'm at it to dip a couple of Claude's clothes in the baths too (multi-tasking is at an all time high around here which may be contributing to my unfocused work).

Hand dying fabric is one of my go to tricks for livening up my fabric supplies (and Claude's wardrobe!). I love how I start out with drab, plain, and obsessively "solid" colors; and after an hour or so of work I end up with rich hues, slightly variegated in tone, and perfectly unexpected. I never know quite what I'm going to get but the surprise is generally a good one... and Claude will have some fine new duds to wear too. Done and Done.

Tomorrow I'll post a few of these colors of mohair in the shop- for those looking to make another bear or rabbit or anyone who has yet to give it a go- this might be just the kick you needed to get going! and YES I am planning more patterns soon. I have two that are in the works just keep getting set aside for more pressing projects. While I'm not ready to set a date for their posting I'll tell you- it's a bigger bear and an elephant!!! exciting right?!

(below: the view from my porch were all the colorful bits are now hanging out to dry- not bad huh?)


there are certain things around here which are becoming increasingly difficult to hide...

I've been going about my days the last months, keeping my growing belly under wraps but it seems as the weather warms and I peal off the winter layers my bump is getting more and more prominent- as a pregnant belly is apt to do. Finally I felt like I had a moment when I could write to make the big announcement here... This baby (don't be fooled by the pink- I think it's a girl, but we're not finding out), sweet number two, is due in early August. I've felt well this pregnancy, a little tired and slow but that's to be expected; though, there were a few personal things that came up last year which made this a very hard and long road- which makes me all the happier to be here, now.

We went to our 20 week ultra sound last week, I'd planned to post that photo to make this announcement but it was seriously lacking. What's that?! This baby is very hard to make out in the image, where Claude was clear and dare I say cute. So this pensive photo of myself a few weeks ago in the studio will have to do... WELCOME BABY # TWO... so excited to meet you.

As far as the studio goes, I'm slowing getting back to work this week- spending what time I do have organizing and tidying up loose ends. My parents just left town yesterday and I have more house guests later in the week, so our social calendar has been packed- just the way I like it. All these good visitors do keep me out of the studio but I expect I'll be back to work again as usual in a week or so...
until then,


see all the details in the shop
(now back off to family time and loving that new baby boy up... 
who just happens to share this bunnies name- Alastair! who knew?!)