I'm back to work. On new things- on old things- and all things, are moving very very slowly. Oh well, it's nice to be sewing, with mohair floating in the air and stuffing bit stuck to my clothes. Back to my studio, my little space in the world.


the first days of fall...

this weekend on what felt like another summer day, we headed out of the city to pick apples. What used to be a simple family outing is much trickier now that our family is four instead of three, but all the effort gives way to what will be remembered as a perfectly messy, but perfect day all the same. My sister's family (she has two young children) came too- and all 8 of us grazed on apples, ran around, collected bugs, collected apples, and made photographs...

and this morning on the first cool day in forever- Claude and I made a pot full of applesauce. Life, though hard, is very very good.


the new studio

A while ago, we took down a wall between two bedrooms in order to make me a new, and larger studio. It's been sitting in this state for quite a while- since Vita arrived to be exact. But, soon enough we'll get back to work on moving me from one small room in our house into a much larger space- hallelujah. I haven't photographed my current studio much, it's too small and overcrowded to ever feel picturesque, so I'm looking forward to this new space. I can't wait really... there is nothing better than a studio which allows for a clean and comfortable flow of working, and it will be nice to set up this new space with just that in mind.

The first move- my new little office. What was a small walk in closet with a window, will become my new office. I put some wool Flor tiles in, painted, and hung a new light... the shelves are in and soon enough the desk will be there two. Looking forward to writing you from this new space soon enough.


...new pattern...

I started working on this pattern before Vita arrived, and it's almost ready for the shop- check back in a few days! I took my mouse pattern, tweaked it a bit, making it a little larger, and easier to sew...Hello SAM!