from my mom's studio...

A handful of new beauties are now available on my mother's website. Check them all out here.

Outtakes: part 2

Here are more outtakes from the photo shoot for Where Women Create... See the published piece here.


Outtakes: part 1

Now that the new Where Women Create is out on the news stands I can properly share all the outtakes from the photo shoot- "Hey, Here's my studio- Come on In..."


from the mailbox...

I just found these cat glass eyes the other day on the web and ordered them... I hadn't been so excited about the ones that I'd been using so, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the envelope to find these. They're really lovely with very few flaws in the glass and the prettiest vibrant colors. Here's the link for all you stitchers out there in need of a good glass eye.



favorite things...

a special order, finally on it's way....

A collector of tiaras and all things pearlescent placed an order with me forever ago and finally, this morning I finished her- She's something I would have never made on my own, but I think she came out with her own special majesty.


today in my mailbox- It's Here!

The August/September issue of Where Women Create is out- and I'm so honored to have been included with such a fantastic group of ladies: Amy Butler, Ashely Carter, Wendy Addison, my Mom- Pat Murphy and many other dynamos. Wow.
I shot all the photos myself, which was overwhelming and harder than I'd remembered. It had been over 4 years since I'd done an interior shoot and with the added weight of this being my studio... well, suffice to say I was a little stressed about it. Now, holding the issue in my hand that's all fallen away and I'm left just feeling proud and lucky. Thanks to Jay for putting up with me, everyone at Stampington, Jen O'Connor, and my Mom for all their help in making it happen.
Order your own copy from my Mom, Jen O'Connor at Earth Angels, or your local bookstore- or pick up a signed copy at the Creative Connection.

Side note:
I opened the Magazine today to find the image I posted just yesterday- I'd completely forgotten I'd sent it to WWC for the article. So I guess it will be seen after all!


from long ago...

I just found this photo on my computer and I don't think I've every shared it but it's a favorite. This is a group of old and worn bears I made a few years ago... I still think they're some of the sweetest I've ever made. At the time I was cutting out each bear without a pattern- I liked the potential failure in the process, but miraculously each one turned out with his or her own charm...


this week-

- Vacation - Birthday Parties - Summer Joy -
back to the studio soon...


stitches and a contemporary sampler

Let me begin my admitting that I'm not much of an embroiderer but I just found Charlotte Lyons post documenting her progress on this hand printed sampler by Rebecca Ringquist and I'm kinda in love. I think I may just add this project to my long "to do" list. I like that it's open ended- you choose the colors and what you'd like to stitch. No instructions required. That's my kind of craft project, especially for passing the long summer hours at the lake or on the porch in the evenings. There's something so special about how a finished project recalls the time spent making it- what a sweet way to remember this summer.
Here's the link to Rebecca's etsy shop.


knit goods-

Maybe all my dreams of spending long hour at the beach influenced these little knit overalls- because they ended up looking more like an old swimsuit. Well, whatever they are I think they're ridiculously cute...



I love this photo...
Yesterday I was working on the instructions for my Sewing Heritage Toys Class for the Creative Connection and this is one of the images I made documenting the process. There's something so amazing about the insides of stuffed animals. Like little shells or skins, they're so odd. It's like they're sweet and a little grotesque at the same time.


the birthday boy's bear...

Claude turns one year old next Wednesday (crazy!- it's been forever and no time at all) and for the last few evenings I've been working on Claude's first bear. I altered one of my patterns a little and hand dyed the mohair so he's like no other bear I've ever made... Now- I'm just working on a little knit suit. What bear doesn't need a knit suit?!


slowing down-

Things have been a little hectic around here but now I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the bounty and joy of this time of year. Summer's short here in Minneapolis - all the more reason to relax and loosen my expectations of the day I suppose... I have a few short trips planned with friends and family over the next two months but I looking forward to losing a few days at the lake with Claude and Jay. Yep- that sounds really nice.
Hope you're all enjoying your summer.


Craft Publishing with Lark Books on Etsy Virtual Labs

"Have you ever fantasized about having your work published? What about becoming a book designer and author?"

Well... who hasn't? Ummmm, or should I say who do I know that hasn't? Anyway, here's something that could be quite interesting: Lark Craft on Etsy Virtual Lab hosted by the Creative Connection next Wednesday... check out all the details here.



If you want to fall in love in a pool of the most beautiful indigo and stitches- Sri Threads- ohhhhh my- Sri Threads will be your new home on the web. There are too many beautiful images to choose from, here are just a few. Hello Beautiful.