I posted a week or so ago about day dreaming of making a quilt for Claude, and its looks as though this will be the week! We're taking some time to visit my parents in Michigan and while there my mom and I have laid the plans to make a quilt together.

I'm so looking forward to this trip... it's been way too long since I spent any time at my childhood home in the summer. I have such fond memories of spanning long days out in the country and I can't wait to share that time this there year with Claude and to make something with my mama. What could be better?!

soooo, for now I thought I'd share the plans and later the results of our labors. Taking direct inspiration from one of the many beautiful Gees Bend Quilts I came up with a design using some of Holly Ward Bimba's fabric (ordered from SpoonFlower), some lovely Yawa dot's, vintage red, and chambray which I had in the studio... we'll see how it goes! The plan is set, the fabric is being sent and I can't wait to get to work on it...

Below is the original Gee's Bend quilt, swatches of the fabrics, and the design (roughed out in photoshop) we settled on.


a little bit of sunshine- packed up and sent off to make someones day.

**** and thanks for all the suggestions for what to work on for the next update- I love hearing your favorites and I'm making a long list! ~ JM


working on a new group of pieces

As my belly grows I'm more and more aware that I have an approaching deadline this August where I'll be taking a much needed break from the studio. Before then I hope to make a whole new group of limited edition and one of a kind pieces for the shop. For the first time in years I'll be opening up my drawers of vintage clothes and I hope to use a few of these special outfits. I'll have to make patterns just to fit, but that's a pleasure... and pulling out some bears and animal patterns I haven't made in a while too. Let me know if there is anything you've been dreaming of- perhaps I'll add that to new group.


a fun project/diversion- new postcards!

Today after sewing a little and cleaning up the house and making lists of all the things that needed to happen and consulting my calendar, I decided I could spare and hour for something fun. I'd been wanting to make a set of MOO postcards for a while. Something different than my usual mailers- slicker and photo based... and after seeing other people's projects printed by MOO I couldn't quite resist. The process was super simple and I can't WAIT to get them in the mail. I gathered images, checked/changed the sizes of the files to fit their format, and added text on the back on the MOO website- presto- done. I'll be sure to share the results when they arrive but here's a sneak peek:

THE DEAL: After ordering I received this link to save 10% on all future orders to share with Friends... here you go Friend! Enjoy.



ohhh my- quilt love.

no- these are not my babies... and no this is not my quilt nor my fabric, but I had to share all three. I found this post from a while ago on Amanda Blake Soule's lovely blog Soule Mama and haven't gotten it out of my mind. I keep returning to these images and day dreaming of making a similar quilt for my own babies. Claude is completely in love with the natural world and we're always collecting things from our walks and talking about birds, insects, and plants. The simplicity of this quilt, this moment in our lives, and these perfectly simple drawings rendered on fabric are a killer trifecta. Now all I need to do is find a little time to make a plan- order- and sew sew sew.

Read more about Amanda's quilt here and see all of these remarkable fabric prints by Holly Ward Bimba (and many more that I'm beyond smitten with) available in her Spoonflower shop.



to all the mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, and/or  partners of the mama's of the world- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Hope you all have a good one. With my belly now full from the delicious labors of my family (who doesn't love being served breakfast?!), we're now headed out and about for the day-  to procure some soil to amend the garden, plant our tomato plants and herbs, and watch my favorite parade- the MAYDAY PARADE (which was postponed this year until this weekend). With the sun shining I can't think of anything I'd rather do- so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ALL! ~jm

ohhh and over in the Shop-
There are a few new hand made pieces I've been working on over the last weeks- 



hello kidos

These two and one other bear will be in the shop on Sunday am... say around 9:30am CST. I've been working a whole lot this week, but after finishing these up this afternoon, I'm taking a little time in the garden now. It will be my first time digging in the dirt this spring and I can't wait to get into my new front yard. Enjoy your weekend everyone! and Happy Mother's Day Mamas!

coming together...

This fine lady is getting a little companion today- (everythings cutout but not yet sewn). She's slowly coming together and all the colors seem just right to me- springy but unexpected. I love the fabric I used for her shirt. I bought it ages ago and it's a sweet cotton print from Japan, which is now nearly gone- It's sad to see my scraps get used up but I suppose that just makes room for more.


in the works

I hope to post a few new pieces in the shop this weekend- perhaps on Sunday- between celebrating with my family... happy day moms! this little girl and a yet to be hashed out little boy are both in the works.  until then- I'm back to stitching...

in the mail

these among a few others are on their way to Jen at Earth Angels Toys today... goodbye all!


one.. two..

<<< more small things >>>

a hat...

why is it that every bear is made cuter with a hat and pom pom. perhaps this holds true for people too?


all in the works this week...

all these guys have been on my work table in the last few weeks. Many will be on their way to Earth Angels Toys this week and a few will be up in the shop soon... I even have a few others in the works- stay tuned here for more info about the new pieces in the shop or contact Jen from Earth Angels to get your hands on these sweetpeas.

... Goodbye Maurice

I'm in the studio today and as I settled down to make a post, I cued up "Fresh Air", my daily ritual, only to find this:
Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak, whose classic children's book Where the Wild Things Are became a perennial and award-winning favorite for generations of children, died Tuesday. He was 83.
  I posted about his profoundly beautiful conversation with Terry Gross a few months ago. Their discussion about death and dying- life and living, so moved me I've listened to in many times since it aired. You will be missed M.S., but we'll keep your memory very much alive through your books in this house- and I will treasure your words about the brevity of life for the rest of my days.


dreamy bouquet on your doorstep...

As a child I would gather flowers from my mom each Mayday- she was so good at making little things feel so special- on silly holidays, big moments, and frankly every day. Now, Mayday brings the Mayday Parade- hands down my favorite parade of all time. It's a celebration of Spring and life and the biggest outpouring of creativity and community I can think of. I'm excited for this weekends events more than usual this year because I feel like I could use a little burst of energy. The studio has been slow for me, and this pregnancy seems to have zapped me of all my usual motivation to GET THINGS DONE! Perhaps I'm turning a new zen leaf... one where it doesn't matter so much what the product of any given task is- but the act itself- but that's not quite where I'm at either. So, here I am. I suppose I'll just have to ride this particular hormonal moment out and see where it leads. Here's to hoping it's towards an optimistic & energetic period. Until then, I'll slowly keep working and playing and making and today- WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY MAYDAY!