random images from this week...

It's been a good week: busy, working, trying to work... I've been sporadically in the studio, but spending most of my time with my kids. Spring is slow to arrive and it seems to be raining most of the days making all the joy of springtime outdoor living feel a bit lost. How is it already June? Right now, in my studio I have the window open. It feels good to finally let the fresh air in and hear the birds just outside. There are lots of small and big projects on the table. The POLKA DOT CLUB has been taking up most of my time and creative energy and I really can't wait to launch the full site and shop later in the month (fingers crossed). This is what I've been wanting to do for the last 5 years and finally I'm close. I'm excited. I'm overwhelmed, but I'm trying to take it all in stride. Getting what we want in life is hard work.

I was meeting with a group of group of women this morning who are all small business owners, who all happen to all be my friends. We were having a mini meeting with someone and each of us went around the table telling our stories as creative people trying to make what we love a business. We each had our uphill battles and many of the challenges we shared, but I was so overwhelmed to hear each woman with children talk about how that changed her life path, priorities, and ultimately the direction of her business. Here I am today, writing on one of my few "studio days" away from my children. I feel lucky to have this time, lucky to have them in my life, happy to have had my priorities shift because of them, and awed by the task of redefining my work-life in this new phase of my life. I know, I'm not alone, but this is hard. Hard and the Best.