after all this time: the POLKA DOT CLUB website and shop!

I'm so pleased to announce the POLKA DOT CLUB website is finally up. There are still a few bugs here and there, but we just couldn't wait a minute longer to get it up and out into the world. Hope you enjoy all the photos and content. We'll be adding more bits and pieces in the coming weeks so be sure to check back. While you're there, please sign up for the mailing list to receive all the news, fun activities and membership bits, and check out the every changing blog: FROM THE CLUBSHOUSE.


TUESDAY JULY 23rd at 12noon CST
(that's 1pm eastern, 11am mountain, and 10am pacific)

The POLKA DOT CLUB shop will open it's doors tomorrow for the first time. It's full of mohair bears, rattle balls, little quilts, and clothes for the bears and all pieces will be shipping out on Friday July 26th unless noted. PLEASE COME BY!



I've been an occasionally obsessive quilt maker for a while now. My grandma Delores, taught me how to sew when I was 7 and she was a prolific quilter. Each Christmas she would unveil some amazingly beautiful handmade quilt for one member of the family- she crafted each carefully and with the recipient in mind. What could be better? I feel like in someways she handed the quilting torch on to me, and while I don't have the time right now to make full sized quilts for all my loved ones, I do have little bits of time to may tiny quilts for the POLKA DOT CLUB... here are a few, all washed and perfectly imperfect drying on the line. All soon to be up in the Shop.



POLKA DOT CLUB (sneak preview!)

As many of you know I've been concentrating all my time and energy on a new project for the last 6 + months... the POLKA DOT CLUB. Taking all that I've learned from making mohair teddy bears and animals for collectors over the last 15+ years, and I've created a line of children's toys. Using all the materials like mohair, cotton, and wool, these toys are made the way teddy bears were over 100 years ago, but with little safety upgrades like 100% cotton stuffing and safety eyes, not to mention a healthy does of contemporary design... Things are moving along here and the website and shop are almost up and ready for the world! Check back for here for more info or check out the PDC website- the new one should post early next week.