post update- BACK TO WORK!

with boxes still on the table I'm back at it. I had so many people interested in the Playing Dog I made for the update, I decided to cut a few out and make some more. Email me if you'd like one.


if anyone wrote me yesterday and hasn't heard back- email me to let me know. I'm having trouble with people getting my send mail again- grrrr. So if you're one of the unlucky few just let me know so we can get in touch. THANKS!


<<<< HELLO from the HALLOWEEN UPDATE >>>>

the shelves are full!

the update is nearly ready and the studio shelves are fulled with finished pieces. I love the studio when it's like this- a mess from weeks of work with clear signs of productivity: bears lined up all ready to be boxes up and sent out. Check back at 12noon CST for the update!
(and pretty please- don't email orders until the website is live- THANKS)


hello there...

 I'm trying to take a little time off today, but thought I'd share this guy... in the light of our hallway- all pumpkiny and bright, I think he looks quite right (and I love the muted orange walls in this space as the afternoon sun that pours in). HAPPY WEEKEND!



small pieces around the studio...

Ok, so yesterday it seemed like things were taking shape and now it's just an all out mess again. I started a few new things last night and abandoned all the "finishing" I had so diligently started. I've made more work for myself- but hey- it's more work for you too! ok- back to it .. for more info about the update ..


in silhouette

slowly thing are being finished- bears lining up on the shelves, finishing touches determined and executed, tags are written. There is still a lot to do but it's so satisfying to see all the work finally coming together---

...three hats...



Tuesday October 25th 12 noon CST
(1pm eastern, 11am mountain, 10am pacific)

Now for the business---->The website update! Nothing much has changed but here's a rundown of what to expect:
I'm working on a number of limited edition pieces and a handful of one of a kinds... I'll continue posting in-progress bears an animals here on the blog as usual but I won't be preselling any of the pieces before the update. Come by for a sneak peaks of what I'm working on, but rest assured nothing will be sold before the 25th. On the big day at 12noon CST, all the pieces will be on the "new bears and animals" page of my website. If you have any questions about how the updates work check out all the info here about ordering, payment, and shipping. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me. Ohhhh and I'll be sending out emails to everyone on my email update list in the next couple days with this info and more.


in other studios...

HELLO AGAIN! I've been neglecting my studio these last few days, Jay was out of town and then I got hit with the flu. I one two punch that left the studio a very quiet place- too quiet. But, now I'm back and ready to get moving... the update will be NEXT WEEK! I'll post all the details tomorrow, but for now I thought I'd share the progress in a more productive studio. My parents have been hard at work and their efforts will be on display this Thursday for their Halloween Website Update. Come and see all the goods then! << for more details >>

<< all images from Murphy Bears >>


parts and pieces everywhere

I had begun planning for this years Halloween update before my move this past August... which is good, without that for thought I really wouldn't have much of anything ready. Halloween is sneaking up on me this year. My studio is still far from ordered, so I'm still finding parts and pieces in process: little gifts from my summer self. (I had a friend who used to make a joke about her and her spouses future selves... "lets do it for the future J. and C.". This still makes me laugh, but I think about it all the time- I'm doing it for my future self. I'll thank me later.) I'm thanking my summer self this morning when I found these pandas- thank you jen- nice work.


halloween daydream

hello from today- now there is too much to do here- I'm back to work!



a handful of details

The Halloween Update is coming soon- expect all the info including the date and time in the next week- I'm thinking it will be around the 23rd, 24th, or 25th... more news coming. Until then- I have a WHOLE lot of work to do!
happy fall to all.



outside - inside

Things are changing around here. The grass is graying out. The leaves are falling- constantly raining down the yellow locus leaves everywhere in the wind. It's been windy- but warm. All of our windows have been open- the last days of the season for sure. The studio has become a place of productivity again. I have so many pieces in process right now, it's exciting after these last few months of inactivity. Sewing again feels like just what I needed- and I can see the satisfaction in each of the faces of these little animals... (-and on a break from work, Claude and I gobbled up the last of the red red tomatoes in fading garden-)


speaking of the seasons....

I love this book- my sister gave it to me last Christmas and I cut it apart to better enjoy each of the prints. I have a clip of some above my calendar, some hang in my studio and others rotate around the house- the print quality is perfect, the simplicity and reduction of the joys and the pains of each season impeccable.

&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; get your own copy and find out more here >>>>