found while cleaning...

While working on my studio I found some of the clay pieces I worked on years ago. Some of them ultimately became the Frozen Charlottes (the blog linked to here is Alyssa... she and I went to school together). Nice to find these bits and pieces, more fragile, rough, and unfinished than those that were ultimately sold, but good to see these old friends again.


feeling thankful...

This Thanksgiving I saved my money and cut the skeletons from our garden for the table. Before dinner, we all wrote things that we're thankful for on pieces of colored paper and stuck them onto the branches. Claude and his cousin Hazel wrote out their own. Hazel asked for the spelling of each word and Claude wrote his out in a series of O's, L's, C's and T's- the only letters he's currently writing. He'd tell me what each said: "Mama", "Home", "butterflies","Vita's chupi" (her pacifier)...

I'm thankful for so very many things these days. There has been a lot of life around me lately... Life, Death, Birth- it makes one so keenly aware of how very brief but profoundly our time is. So, I've been deeply taking-in my time with my young children, family, and loved ones- trying to enjoy even the trying times. And when I'm away in the studio like today, I'm so very grateful for this work. Thank you, for keeping me in the studio, for enjoying what I make, and for all the kind notes, thoughts, and even far off goodness sent my way. I'll take all of it, and send it right back to you.... did you feel that?



I'd hoped to get a whole bunch of pieces up in the shop for this holiday season, but it seems my hands are more than full with my new little baby and moving my studio into it's new space. Very full indeed. So, if I can't make you something special for the Holidays, I thought at least I could help you to make something special for someone on your list... or for yourself!

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One space is clean and slowly filling up with ordered supplies. The other space, the one I'm moving out of, is a terrifying all out mess. Piles of completely unordered items are scattered floor to ceiling. I'm trying to breath through it - not get too overwhelmed. Time is short, no use in dwelling on the project ahead. One momentary idea: a dumpster, a big one. On second thought, I'll just dive back in- too many diamonds left in all that rough.


working... on getting back to working

Today- after long weeks of news, an election, worry and concern for all those in the path of Sandy, I've lifted my head and picked up my camera. The studio is coming along. I've been slowing working  on mudding, painting, and now CLEANING UP. I hope to build some shelves and put up tables within the next week- and then- finally- I'll move in. All this seems so small and unimportant. Like everyone else, I've been hearing the stories from loved ones and the news, who were flooded or left without power for so very long. So my little "clean up" seems so... well, clean. Nothing ruined, nothing lost, just a whole lot of space gained and a new happy place carved out in my little world. I'm looking forward to this move, but clearly it's got me thinking as so many things do these days, about how very lucky I am.

Thinking of all of you out there- hoping you and your families are save, dry and warm! And as for the election! I had to wait in line for 2 hours in 40F weather with my babe in arms... but as always I loved it. I'm a bit of a political nut- so I hope all those who could vote did!