coming together...

these four are nearly done... now, 3 more days to work and lots to do!



I've been working on a larger mouse pattern- this one is about 4" tall instead of the usual 3"ish. Sweet in the hand and perfect without any embellishments- except spots and a little neck tie of course.


baby nook

I've gotten a few requests to see the nursery in progress... and while all the little embellishments are still in the works (we're working on a mobile and a few other special things) I thought I'd share the current state of the little nook we've carved out for the littleone...

The third floor of our house is an amazing, bright, plant filled attic space with skylights and windows, and this little nook across from our bed. I made these curtains to divide the space and make a cozy private, darken-able space for baby, which opens up... 

A new rocker, bed, dreamy and colorful Turkish rug, and floor lamp which gets very very dim for late night diaper changes are all tucked inside. As for the window - the view is filled with trees.

The anticipation of finally meeting this little boy or girl is certainly building up around here. The dresser drawers are filled with all of Claude's old clothes, washed and smelling fresh from the line. Nesting is in full effect. I haven't dressed the bed or the changing table, knowing that the babe won't be sleeping in here for a little while still- and frankly no one around here wants to think about more diapers (will my 3 year old son EVER be potty trained?!). But based on how I'm feeling it truly won't be long now.


summer shop update- next week

This is it! The last shop update of original pieces before I take some time off to spend with my family and this soon to come little baby. It's been a slow go, but I'm really excited about the pieces as they come together... mostly bears and mostly one-of-a-kind... but there will be a few surprises in there too. I'll be sure to post more images in the coming week. Until then, MARK YOUR CALENDAR:

All the new pieces for the Preview and proper Update, will be on view at the Shop. Do ask me if you have any questions at all, as I'm always happy to help...

Summer Shop Update 
  Friday August 3rd 12 noon CST 
(1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST) 

with a PREVIEW! from 11:30- 11:55am CST- 
that's 25 min to browse all the pieces at your leisure


a summer cold...

I'm sick and feeling worn out. Pregnancy can do that to you, but a summer cold added to the mix just seems unfair. Hoping to get better here BEFORE I go into labor- which is the most likely situation- but still I'm just putting it out there into the universe. Those are my wishes. I'm in week 38 and so looking forward to having this little baby in my arms and out of my belly. Lets just wait until I'm feeling a little better- "ok baby?".

As for the Shop Update, I'm planning on setting a date tomorrow and making the big announcement then. Looks like someday later next week should work out just fine.

<< Wishing you all a very happy Thursday!  >>
(photo from a getaway I had a few weeks ago with my good friend E.)


today... on the studio table:

<<< three little mice (not blind, but they will be spotted!) and one bear >>>


new little in hand

I've been struggling a bit to get the new pieces finished and ready for a shop update, but I'm holding out hope that I'll get to it sooner rather than later. There seems to be so many things to do and tend to in these remaining weeks before my due date which take precedence- napping, cleaning, organizing just to mention a few (and that might be in order of importance!).  I'll continue to share progress on all things in the studio in the meantim.
Here's one of the few old worn bears that I've been working on all dressed. I usually keep them pretty nude so all the sweet worn-ness is on view- but these guys are just asking for a little color- so color they will have!


ELI the ELEPHANT - pattern and supplies now in the shop!

This 5" tall elephant can be machine or hand sewn. He’s a perfect project for someone new to sewing  mohair toys or the experienced maker looking for a new pattern. Along with the PDF pattern, I've added a group of supplies specifically for Eli in the shop too-

here's what what's included:
12" x 12" mohair (you choose the color)
one pair of 3mm onyx eyes
100% wool felt for hat (color vary)
cotton pom pom (color vary)
Ribbon (colors vary)



old worn boys - now in the works

I've been making more of these old worn bears- each cut out of fabric without a preplanned pattern and each totally one-of-a-kind. Unlike many that I've made in the past, these are getting some summer outfits. I'm crazy for color right now- so colorful they will be!


two bears in summer dresses...

These two have been in the works for a while- two old dresses and two bears made to fit into them... all bright and sunny for summer. I have lots of work to get done in the next few weeks, as I'm still working to get another bunch of pieces ready for a small summer shop update for the last week of July. But today, family calls. We have a birthday boy on our hands and I have a 3 year olds party to plan! 

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Enjoy your weekend everyone. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


A bear in hand & a baby in belly

Jay took this photo of me this morning... I was making the above image with one of the little bears I worked on yesterday and I figured, it's about time I documented this belly of mine. Here it is today- at 36 weeks. I'm feeling ok these days- slow with slightly swollen feet, a heavy belly, and worn out by noon. But as Jay likes to remind me- you're just making a life- no biggie right?! ha.


what is happening right now in my house...

my lovely man friend is taking down a wall and working on a new studio for me. This was decided (by him) this morning on our walk to get some coffee- and without much time passing the wall came down. I'm writing this post to the sound of drilling as the twoxfours are being removed. In this my eighth month of pregnancy I have been nesting- yes, it's true. But I've been doing small things, while Jay has been moving at super speed, working on our house in ways that I've never seen let alone expected. Exciting things....


nearly done....

... sewing and working on patterns today- this guy will be in the pattern shop in the next week or so...


New PATTERNS in the works:

Today I'm working out the details of one new pattern and I have one or two more in the works as well. We'll see when I'm able to post them in the shop, but hopefully soon. Hello ELLIE!