taking a litle break...

to smell the spring flowers, visit with my family, cuddle a new baby (who is still in my sisters belly but won't be for long!), walk in the spring sun, pick out seed for the garden, and do a little nothing for a while... 
 be back again soon. ~JM 

(photo via marthastewart.com)


the boys are getting dressed

tomorrow is the big UPDATE! - check back tomorrow for the preview at 11:30am CST



love these old guys- I have a little collection myself, but these- these are going to join a bear or rabbit for the Spring Update....


"My secret for long life is simplicity, work and enjoyment."

"Shot in Fire Island, New York, this film captures the secrets of eternal youth as Maia Helles, a Russian ballet dancer turns 95 but still remains resolutely independent, healthy and as fit as a forty year old. Made by Julia Warr, artist and film maker met Maia on a plane 4 years ago and became utterly convinced by the benefits of her daily exercise routine, which Maia perfected, together with her Mother, over 60 years ago, long before exercise classes were ever invented."

from simple lovely- thanks Joslyn for this!

UPDATE!!! here's all the news:

So much is happening around here- my sister is about to give birth- a n y  m o m e n t  now, my parents are getting ready to come out for a visit and a long stay at my house, the studio is shaping up for a big update, and Jay is off to Rome for a few days for work. With all that's going on around here, it's been hard for me to nail down my website update. I usually try to plan at least a few weeks out, but with so much happening on the family front (those babies don't tell us when they're arriving!) it's been hard to know when would be the best day. Without further adieu, here's my plan:

Spring Website Update 
Thursday March 29th 12 noon CST 
(1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

with a PREVIEW! from 11:30- 11:55am CST- 
that's 25 min to browse all the pieces at your leisure

All the New Spring Pieces for the Preview and proper Update, will be on view at the Shop. Do ask me if you have any questions at all, as I'm always happy to help! I'll be working up to the last minute on Thursday- be sure to stop by the blog to see everything in process.


working late last night...

It can be hard getting back to work in the evenings after the push of dinner and Claude's bedtime... but on occasion when I have the energy and mental space to do it- I'm amazed how it propels the next day forward. The mood struck me last night, perhaps, propelled by the raging storm that blew through here- winds and thunderclaps are libel to get one moving. I sped through the process of cutting out, pinning, sewing and stuffing three new bears- all for the coming Spring Update. All the while listening to the winds and rain- not a bad way to work. And today, the sun is back out, my windows are open, and I'm back at it. Yes.


...things in bloom all around the studio...

the update will be next week! details coming soon...
 as for today, just working on finishing a few things before my workday is done. I spent most of the day out running around- taxes, errands, and stuff stuff stuff- all in the unseasonably warm and spring-like weather. I can't understate how nice it is to be in light clothes and simple shoes without all the weight of winter dressing here in great north. I won't bemoan the early spring!



hope your day is filled with bright happy springtime luck at every turn


things in the works, around the studio, on this very warm and beautiful Friday.

it may be a challenge to stay in the studio today. Yes, the windows are large, and I easily sit there looking out at all the glory that is this +70*F day in Minneapolis (seriously?!?!?!), but I doubt I'm long for work with that sort of temptation. The good news is I have a lot of pieces underway and things are looking good for my update, loosely scheduled for the last week of March. I'll nail down a date next week- but until then, enjoy your own coming Spring...


things coming slowly but happily

lots of pinks and brights are shaping up in the studio. I haven't set a date for the spring update but it's coming up in the next few weeks... lots to do but I'm excited about how things are coming together.


bunnies in waiting

 ...small things laying about the studio- waiting to be finished...



I'm so excited- I just got my newest order from Spoonflower... drumroll. Here's a springy pattern that I can't wait to use for the Spring Update. I'm especially excited about the "cafe curtain" design on the bottom. Now- what to make?

If you'd like to order this or another of my fabric designs you now can at Spoonflower without any markup. See them in my Spoonflower shop here... for more info and images here, here, here, here, and here. HAPPY SEWING!


getting dressed

for the spring update later in March!



...in the shop... around 12noon CST... come by to say hello!..

 (SIDE NOTE: if you do put something in your cart and decide not to complete your transaction- PLEASE remove the item, so others can place their order. THANK YOU SO MUCH!)




I'm back to work on new things... while the St. Patrick's Day pieces are all set and ready for their debut on Wednesday March 7th around 12 noon CST, Easter is just around the corner. I have a number of projects underway but all this bright, bunny, spring sweetness is got me dreaming of warmer weather. how about you?!



things still in the works - & - a date set

I'm still working on the few new pieces for St. Pats, here's the little bunny in progress- hello there!

I'll be posting the few St. Patrick's Day items in the Shop on Wednesday next week!
Stop by to see the 3 new pieces on Wednesday March 7th, right around 12 noon CST. 



just because it looks so good...

I love BlissfulBlog created by Traci French. I get excited to see the beautiful houses she posts, the great finds she pulls from all over the web, and now her guest food posts by Tina Jeffers. This one in particular has my interest- in fact we might just call it lunch.