getting dressed

for the spring update later in March!


  1. hi there :) I have just stumbled across your blog and think I am actually in love hehe! Your work is so so adorable and I am going to enjoy the next half an hour having a browse!!

  2. When I first found your site...I was in total amazement of your talent and gifts! I must say, after meeting you via "email" you are as kind and lovely as the darling little pieces you make! As "hapi-ness" says in the remark above, for me it was also; "love at first "site"! Thank you for making me smile every time I get one of your posts in my mailbox or each time I visit your site.
    Can't wait for my next piece, and my next....what a sweet obsession!

  3. He's too cute. And so tiny! Real treasure material!!