hello there

It has been a very busy week and a half in our household. With family here lending a much needed hand, a toddler in full toddler effect, everyone watching and witnessing this new little girl in the world- I've been surprised by how fast the days fly by. So much to do- to see- all the while keeping everyone fed and clean and hopefully well rested. I feel lucky- yes, a little tired too, but with all this help, things have been running fairly smoothly over here. Life is good.

In the last few days Vita (like Rita but with a V), has been waking up from her newborn slumber. She's more wide eyed and coming right into the world. It's beautiful thing to see. Claude is loving his sister, but having a tough time adjusting to so much change... all will work itself out in time. For now, we're all spanning time together. Needless to say, I'm not back to work. Instead, I'm here in my home loving this time. You'll hear from me from now and again, and I'll be back to work soon enough.

Until then...