This year things got away from us and for the first time there are no jack-o-lanterns on the stoop... Oh'well. I think the kids will find us anyway.
Claudes going to be the ever original pumpkin. It's hard to resist... he's pumpkin shaped. What else can I do? And Me? I'm going to be a mom eating halloween candy this year. Yup, that sounds good to me.
Wishing you all a very happy Halloween!


While in NY, we took the train down to New Jersey to see Gma and Gpa (Jay's parents)... on the way I notices these beautiful repairs on a number of the train seats: That's one beautiful stitch. oooohlala.


a handful of things

I did a little shopping in the garment district while in NYC... I love Tinsel Trading Co and M&J.



We flew into NYC yesterday for a little family getaway- a little work and a little play. I have my favorite stops while I'm here and today we hit up two of them...

Grumpys for the worlds best latte- (it's not only beautiful it's also hands down the best latte I've found- funny to think there could be that much of a difference, but ohhh my there is.)
Purl- both the yarn and the fabric shops (because who can ever have enough of either?). They are such inspiring little places... beautiful colors and textures, all tied up in little efficient storefronts.

After our walkabout, Claude, Jay and I hung out in the park and I gazed at my bag o' bounty. It's been a good day....



I took the last batch of boxes to the post office this morning- phew, that took far longer than I'd anticipated- so sorry for the delay everyone! No that they're all out, keep an eye out for your little box of joy which should arrive by the end of the week.
(thanks so much for your patience!)


hand dying

I've been doing a lot of hand dying lately... some felt, some yarn. The organic process is time consuming but so pleasurable. I just keep adding dye to the bath to change the hue until I'm pleased...
There have been a few pieces in the studio which required colors and tones that I didn't have handy, so dyed both yarn and wool felt in the same dye baths so I could incorporate both into designs seamlessly.
On the homefront, I've been doing a little knitting now that it's gotten chilly again. I took out all my yarn and pulled a few skeins and dropped them in dye in attempt to fall in love with those I was fairly ambivalent about... I made some variegated tones which really looked lovely once knit. all in all, it's been a success.
If you're interested in taking on your own hand dying project I would highly recommend Cushing Dyes.


morning light...

this morning the sun came out again...

Acorns Acorns and more Acorns

There everywhere- but ohhh so elusive.

Yesterday Claude and I went out for an acorn hunt. I'd flat ran out of acorn tops to fill all the orders I'd taken for these little nuts, so the big nut and I drove around for over a hour before we found a cluster of big oaks which bore enough fruit. It was a slightly ridiculous scene- Claude in a sling with a blanket wrapped around us to keep him warm and asleep- me bending and holding, and nearly falling over trying to keep the blanket in place, gather the nuts, and straining on my unfit legs- up and down- up and down. Sometimes I curse my disdain for the car seat- really would it have been that hard to just carry him around in that??? apparently- yes.
So now back in the studio... I'm working away. Some orders have been sent out with acorns, and I have a few more to go. Nut Nut Nut.... repeat.



Ohhh ,thank goodness it's warm in here...
The fireplace is right next to my computer, where I sit typing this and preparing the website for Wednesdays update... but it's really snowing outside. For the last few nights it's been snowing and while I've been up with Claude in the middle of the night everything has been thick and covered in the blue light, but by daybreak it's all melted- not today. It's rare to see sights like this- the snow clinging to leaves. As of three days ago we still hadn't had a frost... but this year it's all coming at once. No slow ascent into winter I guess we're just diving in.


In other Murphy news...


My parents are working up to a website update themselves...
Annual Halloween Update
Thursday, October 15 at 6:00 pm EST

wanna here all about it?
murphybears are now in the blogosphere.
While you're out and about,
check out their new website
my dad just built.
(nice work papa)


finishing up all the little bits...

I've been working like a mad woman to get everything finished in time for the update this coming Wednesday... this is my first update since Claude was born, and it's a little more tricky trying to get everything done within his mysterious, often spontaneous, and sometimes none existent naps. Wish me Luck!
(hopefully I'll have time to post a couple photos tomorrow of what's happening here in the studio- for now- I'm off to tend to the very hungry boy.)



Mark your calendar for the:

The One and Only Halloween Update
Wednesday October 14th at 12noon CST
(1pm eastern, 11am mountain, 10am pacific)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you'd like more information about how my website updates work:
check out all the details here.

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A note about the Winter Update:
I will not be holding my usual Winter/Holiday updates... Instead I'll be making a number of one-of-a-kind pieces (around 10-15) which I'll post on Ebay. I'll be sure to send you an email in late November/early December with all the details.



It's supposed to snow here tonight and tomorrow? Ohhhhh, how sad.


thank you friends!

Claude is one lucky boy... He's gotten so many little welcome gifts (Thank you dear friends. You're too good to us) and here's one I think you'll all enjoy:
check out the box of cute from Erin and Andy. The hankie will convince Claude to become a logger I'm sure of it, the Bloomers an inspiration, and those shoes... ohhhh those shoes.

spookie cute