yes please...

A couple days ago when I mentioned having more apples than I knew what to do with- Sour Cream Apple Pie (from Posie Gets Cozy) was a brilliant suggestion from Nancy. I can't wait to give it a try and it looks so yummy I couldn't help but post it here... yum.


today in the studio...and and and

I have a number of projects in the works today- all for my Fall Website Update set for an unknown day in mid October (I'll be sure to make an announcement soon when I figure out when the big day will be).

The change of season is so pronounced up here in Minnesota, so shifting from the colors and airy feel of summer into the muted beauty of fall is cake- perhaps an Apple Cake. Speaking of- what am I going to do with allllllll thhhheeeessseee appppllleees we picked last weekend?! This is what I'm putting on the table tonight. Anyway, the garden has been in decline, the trees are beginning to change, the shadows in the back yard are totally different than they were just a month ago, it's getting dark earlier, I've had to close the windows at night to keep the house warm but it's still bright and sunny and the days have been glorious. The expansion of Spring and the excess of Summer is leveling out into Fall, and while the seasons are making their annual shifts it seems I found a good balance in the studio too. Working for a few hours in the morning or afternoon and spending the rest of my day with Claude. There has been lots of playing around here. In the evenings Jay and I play cards or I head out to the pottery studio to make pots with a friend- (I'll share what I've been making when something comes out of the kiln). For the time being there seems to be a joyful balance in our little household as we watch the last outside days slipping way. Happily I'm greeting this fall without reluctance. It isn't always that way so when I was happily sewing this morning I couldn't help but notice the pleasure I was feeling about the day and frankly about life. I hope all is very well in your world today and continues that way into the coming chilly months of the year...


lookie lookie...

This is what my mom has been working on... I really love all of her needle-felted pieces. They're so sweet, and these owls might be an all time favorite (well aside from the amazing mobile she and my dad made for Claude). Whenever she makes a new group of her birds I can't help but dream of a little cabinet all filled with her creations- as if it were a small exhibit in a natural history museum. Wouldn't that be something?!



I was just talking to my mom on the phone and we got chatting about how rarely in our little sewing businesses we actually sew. I estimate it's- uuuuuhhhh- about 5%? I'm sure from the outside everyone imagines me in my little studio- happily stitching away with bears piling up on each side, but does any one's day really look the way we imagine it? Well, today- I'm all over the 5%. It's been a few weeks, but now I'm actually making a few bears- first on the list, this little black bear and a couple of his brothers. It feels good to hunker down on this rainy gray day and quietly sew. There is something so calm and lovely about looking at the day ahead- it's going to be a good one.


todays to do (seriously abbreviated)

  1. pack boxes (check)
  2. head to the Post
  3. (for the millionth time) pick up Claude's blocks
It's the rainiest day here, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of these two worlds, which are in constant collision in our house, splayed out in the only patch of light in this otherwise dreary day. When I return home I'm sure I'll be making more stacks to impress my little wrecking ball of a boy only to pick up the pieces after he's tucked in for the night.

ohhh and all those bunnies-

I wish I had had more time (and foresite) to take photos of each bunny made in last weeks workshops. They all turned out so well... everyone unique and imbued with so much individual personality. Here's just a handful of bunnies and happy makers- so cute right?!

I'm still tweaking the instructions and organizing how I'll be selling this pattern. I may have a few kits, some individual supplies and eventually the PDF pattern and directions. I'll be sure to post all the info as soon as I get everything ready.


Let There Be Peace Clip Ornament- Kits-

I'm so happy I had the foresight to make extra kits so I can now to offer to all of my my blog readers... This Workshop at The Creative Connection went so well and now you can make your own. I've posted them in my Etsy Shop- just choose the color you'd like (all the options are listed on etsy) and I'll send it right off to you...
I've also made a few kits which had previously sold out available again- check them all out and HAPPY CRAFTING!


Home again Home again- Unpacking and...

The Creative Connection was a great event- a few little snafus here and there, but by in large three days packed with lectures, classes, and events to overflow ones proverbial crafting cup...

On Thursday I taught The Basics of Sewing Heritage Toys- where everyone made a mohair bunny. At one point I looked around the room and saw everyone intensely working, furrowed brows, and heard what had become a soundtrack of constant sighing. Oh no... I was sure I'd lost them. Sewing on mohair and stuffing with excelsior isn't exactly hard, but if you haven't done it it's a whole lot of new information and technique to pack into one 3 hour class (no stuffing pun indented). In fear of having an angry crafting mob on my hands I stayed an extra 1/2 hour to see that most everyone finished up and with so much help from my Teaching Assisting- Miss Patricia Murphy herself... it seemed that the class was a hit. Phew. Most everyone left smiling and thanking me for such a fun class. Double phew- and yes, I did just write Double Phew.

On Friday afternoon I taught the "Let There be Peace" Clip Ornament workshop- which was such a pleasure. I had a much smaller class of only 8 people and we all chatted and made birds and marveled at the individual cuteness that abounded... seriously cute little birds.

Saturday I taught both classes a second time back to back and the second time was the charm if I do say so myself. Everything seemed much easier and even the bunny Class was relaxed.

So that's the brief run down of my classes but there were so many social engagements which I haven't mentioned where I saw old friends, finally met some people I've been conversing with via email for years, and was introduced to new artists, crafters and brilliant women... I didn't make it to many of the lectures and panels because I was in class, but I seriously enjoyed hearing Amy Butler talk about her work, life, and the act of making. She was so generous and open- I left that night feeling super tired but genuinely grateful. Grateful to be someone who makes a living making things, surrounded by kindness, and happy about it all-

So now I'm home. I know I didn't actually get on a plane this last week- but I was so far out of my routine. With Jay in NYC on business, my parents here helping out, rarely in the studio, and sadly only seeing Claude in short bits- I'm SO happy to be home.

I'll be posting more soon- I'm working on Kits... yep! kits!


In other news...

My friend Annie's fall line of knit goods are up in her shop and worth ogling. She's so good... I've been sporting her beautiful knit bag Jay ordered for me for my birthday all summer long. LoveLove- ALL


yup. still here.

I like to think I'm pretty good under pressure and I've never been one to shy away from taking on more than a couple things at once but this week has been straight-up-exhausting. If there was any doubt before, I can now confirm without hesitation- I am no superwoman. Ugr. I'm tired but it looks like I have most of my work for the workshops done... and now I'm looking forward to Thursday when I'm out of the studio, sewing and making side by side with so many of you. It's going to be fun. I'll be sure to post images from the workshops as soon as things slow down a little here.

and now here's a random something beautiful off my desktop to cultivate a sense of calm which has really nothing to do with this post (a photo from the north shore of MN).

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week but I'll be posting on the regs again soon- Promise.



Today has been a very busy day writing directions and making illustrations for my workshops at TCC- in less than one week. Thank goodness for my parents who came into town to help me look after Claude on these long workdays in the studio. He's been enjoying his time with them and I'm looking forward to having all my prep work donedonedone. Wish me luck.


no shortage....

Looking at the blog it appears not much has been happening in the studio, but there's been no shortage of action around here. I've been working diligently on preparing for my workshops at the Creative Connection (which is NEXT WEEK!) by making kits, gathering materials, prepping instructions and putting the finishing touches on the few bears and animals I'll be bringing along. I still have way too much work in front of me- but things are coming together. Last night I dyed all the yarn for a surprise project in the "Let there be Peace" workshop... We'll be making another little bird ornament and I couldn't help myself - I had to make individual yarn bundles in a variety of colors- they're beautiful- no?


1- 2- 3- Bunny!

parts and pieces make up a whole...

It's been really enjoyable working on all the one of a kind pieces for the Creative Connection- The process is quite different than making limited editions. It's much more open and I'm able to allow each piece to unfold in its own unique way. I'm rather fond of this bunny I finished this morning. He's good looken if I do say so myself. I'd happily allow him to hold my pins and needles.... What kind of pin cushion do you use?


A summer song at dawn...

A special Special for you.
I've been working on this Limited Edition Blue Bird for the last few weeks especially for my blog readers.

He is 100% wool with a jointed head, wire legs, and glass eyes. He's perched atop a wool felt strawberry which is stuffed with sand and excelsior and hand embroidered. The piece sits securely on a felt covered wooden base with embroidered embellishments. All the wool felt and yarn has been hand dyed in a muted summer palette.

Stands 4.5" tall
Limited Edition of 3
$95 + Shipping
All 3 Bluebirds are sold. Thanks!

Hope you're having a great day... Happy Summer All!