things are coming together...

Bunny Tails and polka dot pants. Prints and dresses. Hand dyed mohair bears with colorful neckties (or handknit sweaters- I still have to decide). Anyway you look at it, things are coming together.


goodmorningbunnies and

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And a totally unrelated but colorperfect photo from a friend's house-
check out her incredible handmade shoes here
 I love this framed backside of a vintage quilted piece framed in her dining room


NEW PIECES... coming soon in the shop

Heritage Mohair Teddy Bears White Easter Jennifer Murphy

New Spring Pieces
( website shop update)

Tuesday April 22nd at 12noon CST
(1pm Eastern, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific)

I'd hoped to have everything ready before Easter, but these days I have to be kind to myself and understand not everything will be just the way I'd wanted... ahhh, one of the many life lessons taught by my children. Time is short in the studio these days, but I'm always happy to carve out a little work time to slow down and make a few bears like these. Stuffing with excelsior and sewing their small pieces take time. These activities allow me space to sit and think. It's quiet in the studio when I work like this- and it's a very welcome change up. I wouldn't give up the work I'm doing with the POLKA DOT CLUB for anything- I love this new project, but there are times when it's nice to be slow and let the work come into fruition without knowing just what I'll be making today... let the creativity flow.


coffee's gone- things are getting done

sewing table heritage mohair teddy bears


Just because I can't resist these photos, 
here's what I've been shooting this morning. 
For each and every Easter Basket:
 _____________ each $38 _____________


New in the Works

These are just the first of a few new pieces I've been working on over the last week. I think I'll update the webshop early next week-either Monday or Tuesday... I'll be sure to post the details here!