hello from the studio... finally.

it's been weeks since I've been in the studio. Vita's been sick, we were traveling a bit, and Jay has been so busy I've been home with the kiddos more often than usual. I have to admit there have been a whole lot of needs around here lately, and mine have fallen to the bottom the list. Such is life. Happily I've stolen away for a few hours to tend to many over due items on the studio to do list and have a little time to myself. Last week I ordered some more fabric and supplies that had run low in the shop- and it's now up and available so... check out the NEW COLORS NOW IN THE SHOP. if you'd been wanting to get to that Pink Elephant... now you're in luck!

As for new handmade items... I'm hoping I may get to making a few things before Valentine's Day, but time is flying by. I'm hoping for a few... hope with me. Perhaps our collective wishing will make it come true.  <<<>>>


and a little work too...

In the midst of watching these two children grown and learn and wake up way to early and cry and make me laugh and and and, I've been doing a bit of work here and there too. I had a request from a friend to make a smaller version of the red bear I made at Christmas- and with just enough of the hand dyed fabric to spare I made this bear: palm sized, droopy, but not quite as glum. He seems just right to me.



it's a new year... again.

This past year flew by with milestones and babies and Life happening each and every day. I'm not sure how it is that in my thirties things have simultaneously begun moving incredibly quickly, while s l o w i n g   w a y   d o w n. What's the saying about the days move slow but the years fly by? Our hands have never been so full. Two children now, both with such different needs and two artists still trying to make a life and a living. I find myself in the studio less and less, but my plans aren't any less grandiose. I've been slowing plugging away at a new venture which I hope will someday (sooner rather than later?) be ready to unveil, while still trying to make a few handmade bears and animals for this shop. My hands are still always moving and making, but sadly, my mind isn't often here- and this blog gets neglected. So many places for my attention to go and something has to slip I suppose. I hope this year I can post, albeit occasionally, but with an honesty and visual pleasure that makes this place worthy of your repeated (sometime fruitless) check-ins. Let's see, what else do I hope for and dream of for 2013?
(a long pause.)

As I write this I can here the foot falls of my son playing upstairs. My baby girl is talking in her wonderful infant mix of shouts and birdlike coos. Even when working my children are here. Our house is full and chaotic and moving both so fast and so slow... frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I suppose, for 2013,  I hope to keep the brightness I feel in my life, lit. Whatever that takes - each - day. I wish that for myself, and for all of you. To 2013- May it be a bright and beautiful year for us all.