I'm finishing up all my special order ducks today and I'll be sending them off soon. There is still one lone duck hanging out in the shop- he's a good looker and I must admit I've been quite happy having him in the studio these last weeks.


april snow

I could so easily make beautiful photos of snow hanging on everything outside, but I'm not going to even give it that much of my attention. If I ignore it perhaps it will go away- like now. It would be lovely if it were not APRIL and everyone in my house is going c r a z y. I love living in Minneapolis, and usually I don't complain about the long winter and cold, but this lack of spring is getting the better of me this year. My goodness, is it ever.



(((these old bears are part of my mother's collection. I've borrowed to make photos and I'm not all that eager to get them back in her hands. thanks mom!)))


new. now. today.

now all available and in the shop
(it's been a very fun week + of sewing!)




((( ducks and ducklings are paddling around the studio tables this morning. for some reason they're set on going to a party- so party hats all around. these kinds of things can not be explained. )))

I'll be adding these, the pandas, and perhaps a few surprises to the webshop on Saturday Morning.
That's April 13th, at 11am CST (12noon EST, 10am MST, 9am PST).



sitting on the shelf waiting for others...

I'm staying in doors today, trying to ignore the fact that there is a heavy blanket of snow covering everything, and more to come. Six plus inches of snow in April seems almost cruel, but if I just ignore it, it WILL be gone so so soon. Come on Spring. So, in an attempt to keep myself busy I'm working on a few other little surprises today- and I hope to post everything in the Shop on Friday.


three in process...

These three bears are taking shape in the studio and I'm planning a few others- the mohair and patterns sitting, ready to begin. My plan is to keep sewing, working on what I please- all week. I'll be sure to share the progress and the date when I'll be adding everything to the shop. For now, I'm back to work, these guys need some eyes and ears- it's only right.


a few things...

The last few weeks have flown by in a rush to get everything done. I guess that's the way it usually is, but it's felt even more that way than usual.  By everything, I mean EVERYTHING (is that more clear?). It seems there are too many things and not enough time. I'm certainly not the first business person or mom to find that all this work and giving and time has left me a little- empty. Or on empty, is more accurate. I'm just worn down and tired in a way that sleep won't quite fix- not that I wouldn't be really happy to be getting a bit more of that too- but not today.
This morning I'm pulling out fabric and taking some time to just make some things. I need to slow everything down and span time with the quiet of physically making something. What a novel idea. That's where I began, and it's my plan to go back to that in the coming week- to make for the joy and the pleasure of making. We'll see what comes out of the singular pursuit. Wish me luck keeping - EVERYTHING- at bay for a little bit.