more old and loved....

I haven't made bears like this in years. I cut out lots of arms, legs, bodies, and heads.. without a plan I sew each unique piece and put them together- making each bear totally one of a kind. Pulling out mohair, and cutting fur aging each bear- once done these feel like objects that have been around for so long- they've got soul.



It's a start- gathering and going though and there are so many goodies in here. Can't wait to start shooting them and posting more images.


hand dyed and aged just right

I heard you! So I'm working on cleaning out the studio and slowing sewing.

So, When's the update?!
 hmmmm maybe in July.  I'll be sure to add more photos here update progress. 

Until then, here's two old worn guys that I just finished. The first of a few in the works. It's feel so good to make bears like this again... we'll see how many get done.