new photos from the old house...

today is my last day in our old house- I'm just finishing things up here and moving the last bits out... I'll miss this place. Once I catch my breath I'll share photos of the new studio and house- it's all boxes, piles, and paint swatches right now. My guess is it might just stay that way for a little while. These last few weeks have been incredibly exhausting. It's exciting to think things might just settle down here a bit-but for now I'm back to work...

good bye old house!


new bears from my mom...

My Mom recently sent a bunch of new bears to Earth Angels. She posted photos of all the beauties on her blog, but this bear- this photo- everything is so right I had to share.



while cleaning I found this Polaroid 4x5 photo of two bears I made back in 2003 tucked into that years taxes... when no need to shred that.... Hello There Old Boys!


let the packing begin...

I've been in this studio for the last 2.5 years and again it's time to stay goodbye... It's been a good space for me. I moved here after renovating the basement of our home in 2009 when I was pregnant with my son. Before this space, I was working in one of the many huge, beautiful, old warehouses in my neighborhood which have been converted into spaces for small business and artists. When I moved here I knew I was giving things up-  I liked "leaving for work", I liked all that space, and I loved the division of my "work" and my "life, but a baby changes everything. Having this studio in my home has saved me- I've been able to grab short snippets of time at naps, after bed, and when he's occupied- enough that I can send an email or organize my next moment of work. My warehouse studio was 6 times the size of this space, and the new space I'm moving into is a tad smaller than this- but with a little organizing and patience it will work just fine. The necessity of scale has given way to convenience - being an overtired mom- I have to say convenience is everything right now and frankly I just feel lucky to have a dedicated space to make things in- what a luxury! I know I say it now and then- but thank you, dear reader and supporter of my work, I am so lucky to have this as my job... I'm am grateful- forever grateful. Thank you.

 Ok-I'll miss you studio! now.... TO PACK!
-- Ohhh and to see more of my past studio spaces-
-check out these blog posts --

side note about layaway and shipping:
in packing up and moving the studio I will not be doing much shipping. If you have any layaway items which you want to or need to pay off (some of your due dates are fast approaching!) don't hesitate to do so, but shipping may be a bit more slow than usual. Bear with me!



I'll be sure to post all the info about this auction piece as the date nears... today's my last day in the studio- tomorrow I begin PACKING. ouch.


more about the Liz Logelin Foundation and Matt, Maddy, and of course- Liz

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and interest in supporting the Liz Logelin Foundation...  Here are a few links to help anyone who wants to lend support, find out more about their story, or connect with this community. You can give tax deductible cash donations or learn more about their upcoming events. Matt has written a book about their story: Two Kisses for Maddy and he keeps a blog: Matt Liz and Madeline, where he writes about their life together, info about his book and the book tour, along with additional resources for widows.

 (Matt's Book and photo of Matt and Maddy via his blog)


a reason to give and a bunny in progress...

As mom there are things in the world I can't wrap my head around- one would be loosing my partner while my son is still very young... that idea is beyond me. I don't know how I would go on. Recently I found a foundation based in Minneapolis set up to help those who find themselves in that very unthinkable situation. The story behind the Liz Logelin Foundation is one of tragedy, hope, and the ultimate resilience of life...
They're are holding they're annual auction and benefit in early September and I'm so excited to be making something to give...

I wanted a to make a bunny that was soft and sweet to hold- something that made me think of comfort- but that was a little different than the usual bears I make. Here's what I've got so far:

I'll be sure to post more about the auction as the date nears!


Johnny's old worn and loved bear...

Johnny's Old Worn and Loved Bear:
hand dyed muted blue mohair and wool felt, glass eyes, loose disk joints, one of a kind pattern, vintage wool ribbon, hand dyed and aged... 7.5" tall. $240 + shipping.

I'll take the first email order I receive for this old bear- Forgive me, I'm headed out for the afternoon- so I'll send out emails when I get back! JM

 Johnny has found a home- THANKS!


dying new colors... out on the line between the storms

the storms have been rolling through here daily which has left everything in the yard very green- but very soggy. The air too- man it's been humid- humid and hot. I was joking with a friend that it may as well be the dead of winter here it's so uninhabitable outside. With all these storms plowing through the weather has to change sometime... here's to hoping it's soon.

(and check back tomorrow to see the bear I'm working on with this fabric!!!)

all ready for halloween...

(and with all the heat we've been having I'm dreaming of cooler days too.)


check the blog tomorrow for a new one-of-a-kind piece!


hello .... kitty.

I sent this kitty off to a very lucky gentleman last week- I think I'll miss having him in the studio, he was here such a short time and got packed up before I was ready to bid him adieu.... I'll post a photo of how I finished him tomorrow...