Before and After...

I handed over my keys this morning, and took this photo before I closed the door.
GoodBye old Studio!

Miraculously, everything got packed and moved all out... Moving was fairly quick and surprisingly painless. We had lots of helpers and within 2 and a half hours everything was out of the old studio and moved into the new one. Now comes the real work. I was in such a rush while packing, I didn't go though much of anything. It just all went into a box and now I'm paying the price. There are too many open boxes tossed into the "I have no idea what to do with that" pile. I'm a little frightened to post photos of what that space looks like right now. Perhaps once I have a little more unpacked later today...


  1. Jennifer,
    So glad the move went well and the place is already starting to shape up. I love to organize sewing spaces and wish I was there to help you but I live in Montana so that might be a little far. I'll be anxious to see how things look when you're done!
    Charmaine McL.

  2. The old studio looks so wistful and empty! On to a new adventure in your new beautiful studio!

  3. Aha! so it is a new studio!
    Wow--I'm so out of the loop!