This weekend...

Knitting once again in my short moments of downtime. Right now I'm finishing Claude's tomten jacket made with all bits of yarn I had on hand. I'm a bit obsessed with E. Zimmermann right now... and I suppose I could be for the rest of my life. She wrote enough about knitting to keep me busy for three lifetimes.


over the weekend --- snowy valentines projects

A winter storm rolled in over the weekend, and although we weren't snowed-in, we acted like it. We bundled up in layers and layers to go out, we shoveled, made snowballs (which doesn't happen all that often since it's usually too cold for packing snow) and played a little in the winter-wonder-land. But, for the most part we just stayed in- cozy and warm. Claude and I spent one evening working on valentines together. I cut, he drew, and together we prepared for spreading the love this Thursday.



there is snow on the ground, it's been falling on and off for the last few days and finally this winter looks like the Minnesota winters I know. We've been spending lots of time indoors, baby, big brother, and I. Bundled up, we're all keeping warm in this big new drafty house. Hats, sweaters, and layers are a must.

Hoping to have a little valentines day surprise. I've only had time to work on one thing... as other projects keep my attention, but I'll be posting more about all that soon enough.