It's no secret that I've been posting less and less here on my blog. Between working on getting the POLKA DOT CLUB up and going (which I'm crazy excited about by the way! things are looking good and the website is getting sooooo close to being DONE!) and being with the kiddos, I've found less and less time to write here. I know, I'm not alone. I don't think blogs are a thing of the past, but with so many other platforms to play with I think the real writers are sticking it out, while people like me... who may not always have a whole lot to say but like to live visually have gone elsewhere. If you'd like to find be again- I'm on both instagram and pinterest. I'll still pop in here on occasion... it's a nice place to come back to.


Spring time and gathering flowers.

Spring time is short here in Minneapolis. Summer never lasts long enough but most of spring gets eaten up by the cold northern-winter-takeover... So when it's warm but not hot and the flowers come out, everyone pretty much puts all indoor life on hold and ventures outdoors. We have been spending all of our time soaking up the newly warm sun and falling into bed each night too tired to think about doing any work around the house or in the studio. As it happens I'm writing this post from the park. Claude has gathered a bouquet of dandelions and baby vita is sitting on her papa's lap. At this moment the life that has been overwhelming us suddenly feels easy. For this moment anyway and I'll take it.  Happy spring all.


Happy Mothers Day

sent from my mother to me (thanks mama wish we could have spent the day together!):


wool and fiber fair (aka a country outing)

I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate natural and ideally local fibers into what I make. Claude and I went to a fair today to look at yarn, fiber and of course the animals. I joked with a farmer about him sending his mohair to Germany just so they can send it back to me here in mn. Why can't someone weave mohair onto a cotton backing domestically?! I left even more in love with the materials I work with but disappointed that I can't get it more directly... That and wanting a baby goat. A girl can dream.