out of the haze... into the studio

Slowly everyone here is emerging from the blanket of illness that covered our house this weekend. I'm happy to be feeling better and even happier to have time to get back to work. Here's what's on my worktable and around the studio this morning. Little bits of color and love everywhere...


...panda injury, resulting scar, and new things in the works...

Yesterday Claude brought his panda to me with a boo boo. He needed me to look him over, give him a kiss, and put a band aid on the wound. I'm unsure of the actual injury or the incident that caused it, but after his band aid was removed it was clear panda had a scar. poor panda. We doubt his hair will grow back, but scars add personality to their wearer- right?!

After this whole drama, I decided to make a few more pandas for the Valentines update. I dyed fabric yesterday, it dried over night, and while Claude is out in the world today Panda is hanging out in my studio as inspiration.

it's sunny and warm here today- all is well in the studio- and I bid you all a happy day from MN!


from today


i love the immensely productive time right before an update when I'm working on new things each day- all in various stages. I know I'm always this busy but it's astonishing how much work I do that's not actually sewing. Today I just sat and stitched... it was quite nice indeed.


-- do you have questions about how the new shop works? --


... all things in the works ... right now ...

and beginning more each day. 
the valentines day update will be all pink, white, sweet and full of love.
all the details coming soon.

 ((^^     ^^)) 
\\^^ V ^^//



i will move with this much grace and intention... at least from the inside. 
 happy weekend everyone. spend it well.


/// the little bird in my studio ///

this little guy recently came to live with me- thanks mom
each time I come into my studio he greets me- a very welcome friend indeed.



ohhh and all the orange???

so the photo from yesterday- that's my bright hallway***. I come into my house with lots of light and space and woodwork. The sun, each day, all day makes this orange color glow the warmest light. It was like this when we moved in- I thought it would need to go, but for now, its more than growing on me. Interesting how your first impressions of a house are far from your last.

***ignore the lack of organization in here- I have been. ha haha.


a wonder-filled/wonderful package

a friend gave this package to me. she found it this way and I'm reluctant to open the envelope and separate these jumble of characters. I think it's perfect(ly odd) just as it is. thanks margo.


after a long weekend...

I'm back to work. The valentines update- which I'll announce the date and details about next week- is slowly taking shape. Here's what I'm looking at this afternoon... lots of bits and pieces in the works:

This new year has brought with it a number of changes around here- and I'm finding it difficult to find time in the studio. I wonder about this time in a women's life, when our children are small and days come fast and steady with all their demands. How does one fit it all in? Unfortunately (or perhaps I should be thanking my lucky starts to have the flexibility ) I don't seem to get to work easily or for very long during the week. ahhh- I'm just babbling. Life is what it is and I'm happy to be able to let it wash over us- in our little house- let it bring what it will- we'll make the best of all of it.
Now, back to my worktable, while I do have the time!



as the last few cake toppers find their homes I'm packing them them up and sending them off - and feeling a little sad to see them go. It was so much fun to make all these but so time consuming and for that reason far from lucrative. I've always said this job was a labor of love. While in the spirit,  I decided to pull out a number of photos of the cake toppers which have donned cakes and become icons of commitment for so many. I'm still so honored by what Halligan Norris wrote about their cake topper... and check out this from M.S.Weddings, if you haven't already seen it- this pieces was amazing in person but hard to see all the little tee tiny details in the photo- i.e. tiny floating butterflies!!!, tons of vintage trims and glorious lace.


Only two cake toppers are still left in the shop-  I'll miss you two when you're gone! (the sale continues for another week or so- but if the last few days have been any indication, they won't last that long).  So long friends.



today on the worktable and...

I've never been one to work in a tidy space. For one, the materials I use are messy- the excelsior gets everywhere not to mention all the pulled fur, thread, and fabric scraps- I finally gave up on a trash can and for the most part everything just goes on the floor waiting to be swept up at some point. The same goes for my worktable, but I must admit since my last studio move I find myself a little scrunched into this smaller space. I have to be a bit more mindful about how much I let the mess spread. I miss my old studios with all the space and organization- this one is convenient but I haven't even really photographed it yet because it just all seems so tight and frankly unorganized. I'm sure it will all come together the longer I spend here- but for now... I'll have to adjust my practice to fit the space and smile through it.

 (my floor after a 1/2 day of working)


sunny day in the studio

it's so warm in my studio today I don't know quite what to make of it. I usually sit right next to the window while I work, and though it's very sunny in that spot I'm never hot- especially in January - this is Minneapolis?! Today I'm having to peal off layers and finally I just had to draw the shade. So sad to have to close the sun out but I'm sure the cold will return here shortly and solve all these problems in one fell swoop.

vintage inspiration

I've been collecting vintage doll clothes for years- I'm drawn to the handmade slightly wonky pieces imbued with the love of a parent or friend making something for a child. I found this shirt the other day and I think I'll whip it up with a few small changes for someone to wear for Valentines Day... love these fabrics!


a little misty air

a few weeks ago a friend asked if she could look through some of my old photos. I hadn't pulled them out in ages and  it was a welcomed walked through my past travels and images. about 10 years ago I was shooting with a 4x5 large format camera, working in my studio, and making photos which I ultimately exhibited in a few small shows. there are things that I really miss about making work, but for the most part I haven't thought about it all that much in my day to day...
today this image has just the right tone for me- a little misty stormy air for this dry winter day. maybe I'll start making images again- with a little more thought. perhaps.



gathering materials, ideas, and getting to work on the pieces for Valentines Day...
(love this vintage shirt- I made this bear pattern just to fit into it)


there's a moose in my living room...

living with a kid means nothing is ever where it should be and the house is so much more a home because of it (though the clutter of toys and "mess" makes me crazy sometimes). I've resolved to embrace the chaos of it all- and why not? so yeah, there is a moose on my couch this morning.

What have you resolved to do in this new year to make all lighter and easier?

p.s. Oh yeah, and don't think I think this photo is a mess- HA! A single moose- that's nothing. If I'd only trained the camera on the other side of the room you'd see the explosion that is my living room most of the time. But hey, editing is what makes this blog a peaceful easy place to visit... so I'll continue to edit for my own pleasure and sanity. 


a friends old bear-

a friend sent me this photo he just made of his and he's fathers childhood bear wondering if I knew anything about him. He mentioned opening the box to find him again ... "the expression was familiar to me after at least 30 years of being put away in an attic. I recognized him like I would a human face".
what a lovely description of our relationship to a dear childhood toy... sometimes it's the smallest things which remind us of where we are, how far we've come, and the innocents and profundity that is childhood.

photo by cameron wittig


happy new years and a sale?!

Like everyone else at this time of year, I'm trying to shine a bright light down the path of the new year. I'm cleaning up my studio and my virtual spaces too. I'm making a list of all the studio to dos for the early part of the year... (1/work on valentines day pieces, 2/carve out time for new projects, 3/clean clean clean, 4/take a walk after baking something delicious (that ones for today!) 5/ make a new pattern for the shop). On and on it goes.

For today I'm cleaning up my Etsy Shop. It's been a long neglected spot where I'd occasionally add odd bits, but it began as my Cake Topper Shop. Etsy is an amazing source when you know what you want but don't know who might be making it. I began making my pom pom cake toppers back in 2007- and opened my etsy shop just for that reason. After being on the Martha Stewart Show and posting the bunny pom pom tutorial, more and more people started making similar pieces- so it goes. At any rate I stopped making Cake Toppers for the shop and for special order last year- but I have a handful still kicking around the studio. The new year seems the perfect time to mark them way way down (50%) and hope that wedding or not- someone who loves them will take one home.

Here they are- once they're gone they're gone.
I'm hanging up my cake topper hat. good bye you last few cuties!