as the last few cake toppers find their homes I'm packing them them up and sending them off - and feeling a little sad to see them go. It was so much fun to make all these but so time consuming and for that reason far from lucrative. I've always said this job was a labor of love. While in the spirit,  I decided to pull out a number of photos of the cake toppers which have donned cakes and become icons of commitment for so many. I'm still so honored by what Halligan Norris wrote about their cake topper... and check out this from M.S.Weddings, if you haven't already seen it- this pieces was amazing in person but hard to see all the little tee tiny details in the photo- i.e. tiny floating butterflies!!!, tons of vintage trims and glorious lace.


Only two cake toppers are still left in the shop-  I'll miss you two when you're gone! (the sale continues for another week or so- but if the last few days have been any indication, they won't last that long).  So long friends.


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  1. Wow, you really took making pom-poms to an art form. I love them all. It reminds me of the Steiff cute animals.