Last year, I spent my evenings in December making little pen and ink drawings. A few days before Christmas I scanned and printed them out on the same watercolor paper I drew them on and created a little pack of Holiday sweetness in my Etsy shop. Unfortuanatley it was a little late in the season for anyone to send them as cards or gift them to loved ones... so this year I'm a little more timely....
Check them out in my Etsy Shop now...



(yep he's a dog- Jay doesn't think so, but he is.... Jay.)


Sundays are for daydreams...

and today I'm dreaming of living in this house- with that fire burning, sipping my coffee in those chairs, cooking breakfast in that kitchen, and snuggling up with my boys on that couch... ahhh- I can smell the - what is that? ohhh yes, it's cedar wafting in the air- from... what is that? a sauna by the lake out back... Wait, maybe that's the sea? Yes, it's my own little wood burning Sauna by the sea. Ohhh to dream my Norwegian dream.

(via Bliss)


Black Friday... and a note on shopping.

I really like to make as many gifts as I can each Christmas. I know not everyone can or wants to attempt such things, but I'm getting up on my soap box (and I know I'm not alone) this year. There are so many amazing small businesses making beautiful objects. Please consider buying your gifts from someone in your area, shop Etsy or one of the many craft shows that pop up this time of year... You not only support an artist but you get to bask in the glow of knowing you'll be surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and unique packages-o-love. Ok, that was a pretty short rant- but I'm a busy girl today...

Looking for something for the little ones?: Hand Made Blocks are just about perfect. Look at these GORGEOUS pieces Claude's Gpa Heikes made for him out of scrap wood from his studio.  I like playing with these just as much as Claude does- they're smooth, oiled, and beyond beautiful. 

If you're not much of a woodsmith- check out these fine and ohhh-so eco-lovely blocks by Little House. Their "Beetle Blocks" are made from the blue-stained wood of ponderosa pines affected by the western pine beetle... pretty amazing.
(and if you're looking for a good read/eye candy- check out their Blog too).


Give Thanks.

Hope you all have a very lovely day with your friends and family!

(I made these two pieces back in 2008-Pilgrim Rabbits... 
something quite different for me, but I really like them.)
Enjoy the Bounty of the Season.


a space to work???

this is how it begins...

and this is how far we've come...

Apparently I don't know how to keep a workspace neat. Instead I work with about 2 inches of exposed table top and the rest is piled high with supplies, parts and pieces. It mounds up and up until all the pieces I'm working on for an update are finished- then it all gets picked up and ordered again. Lucky for me I always have another table that's pretty much clear so I can always move over if I need more space- but full disclosure, I usually just start a new layer of work on top of the last. Have I destroyed your image of my perfect little studio all neat and tidy?

(want to see more photos from my studio- when it's clean that is...)


this has nothing to do with sewing...

but sometimes it takes something so far removed from your own life (like a song sung in a public school in NYC) to pull you out of a funk (I've been in one for the last few days) and remind you that life is truly beautiful... yes it is.

(the original song by Phoenix) youtube link via Simple Lovely.


look who's watching me work...


hello out there! Favorite stops- any ideas?

I just had someone email me with a question I feel you all might be able to help answer...

Pam is taking a road trip across the US namely through Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and in to Connecticut. Any cool shops, restaurants etc. she should stop in?

While we're on the topic, I'm sure so many of you are traveling for the holidays... list a couple of great places you like to go in your area or while you're traveling. Leave comments if you have any gems to mention... 

My favorites here in Minneapolis:
Bryant Lake Bowl (for breakfast and maybe a game of ten pin?)
Brasa (for a large family meal out)
Punch Pizza (for quite possibly the best pizza outside of Naples)
Hunt and Gather (for fun vintage finds)
SR Harris (for fabric shopping like no other)
Ax Man (for the oddities that you didn't know you needed)
There are so many other good places but that my short list today.



Here they are:
 Give Thanks Turkey... $185 + Shipping
Mohair, 100% Wool Felt, Glass Eyes, Wired Legs, Stuffed with Excelsior, Paper Top Hat and Pin Sign "give thanks" (movable), and Vintage Ribbon. 5.5" tall and about 7" long... Limited Edition of 4.

I'm taking orders for these 4 turkeys via email now. Email me at: jennifer@jmurphybears.com if you'd like one, they're ready to ship out tomorrow and should arrive (within the U.S.) just in time for the Thanksgiving Feast... (layaway not available on these pieces) The turkeys have all found their homes... Thanks!



I'm working on making alittle something for Thanksgiving. A couple years ago I made a turkey (he's up on my website now) and while I don't think I ever made a pattern- I had a few requests for MORETURKEYS! So- this evening I'm giving it a go. I hope to post the ones I make on Etsy in the next couple days.  Keep an eye out here for the link when they're up- I'll be posting them here when they're done- I'll only be making a few and I'll sell them first come ... via email. Stay Tuned. Gobble Gobble Gobble.


While I'm here working in the studio I like to think about what other people are making... little hands moving- little animals being made. Here's a really good one from Manuales.


their lining up...

So much to do and the days seem to be flying by... I've been getting into the studio nearly every day, but because I have so many pieces I'm working on it feels like nothing is actually getting done. This is how I usually work, and it always feels slow at first- but patience has never been one of my strong suits.


a little something sweet to get you in the mood...

Happy Weekend!
We're getting dumped on today- tons of snow and while I'm planning for all the Winter-y and Christmas-y pieces in the works (the update is just around the corner) I thought this video from Anthropologie set the mood perfectly. Not everyone is getting a winter wonderland today and while it's a bit premature- if you wanted a little dose of Christmas watch this little something sweet. Its got me excited to pull out my decorations and deck the halls. It's still a little too soon for fa la la la la- la la la.... but we're not too far off. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

this morning out our window... SNOW!


working today... Scruffy Dogs...

Hello Sweet Boys! Man I miss having a dog- but until life gets a little easier around here these little yellow scruffy dogs will have to do. Now- what should they sit on? maybe special little pillows? could be cute... ok, back to work.


more from Renate Müller- It's all in the details

Check out these (not so great) images I took at the Renate Müller show at R20th Century on my Ipod. I wish I had brought my good camera so you could see the details, stitches, and materiality in these... but when the book I ordered arrives on my door step (R20th Century in printing a book of Renate's work as we speak) I'll be sure to post about it- with better images... until then:

and look who came home with me: