today on the table...

I've begun working on my next website update... black, white and all those good fall colors are working there way onto my work table. Feels good in this new space.


Quite possibly the most beautiful and poignant interview ever...


Maurice Sendak talks with Terry Gross: 

"I wish you all good things. 

Live your life. 

Live your life. 

Live your life."



goodbye bear!

he's off to a new home...
I love this little bear, I made a few changes to the pattern I used for Claude's bear (the one he sleeps with every night) to make this one... and I'm so happy with how sweet and play/hug/cuddle-able he is.

ahhh yes, and this photo is evidence that there are still piles and bins of fabric in my studio that have yet to find a place- but I kinda like them all stacked and piled in here- ohhh well- everything will be ordered in due time.


just beacuse...

I needed to make something fast, fun, and heartfelt- I began this little bear for some little lucky baby out there. I hope to finish him tonight, but now I'm off to make dinner for my lucky little boy. Feels good to be working and have life begin to feel a little more normal again. phew- it's been a rough month. I'm happy to be able to finally catch my breath.


This is what my desktop looks like right now...

For the last few days I've been sorting through every image of every bear or animal I've ever made. This is a very tall task, but it's been really fun to see the progression that's taken place over the last 11 years I've been photographing my work... I'm gathering everything for a new website, which I hope will be up in the next month or two. I can't wait for everyone to see it- lots of new content, image, and a few surprises too!
Ok- back to work... and later day, when I need a break from looking at this screen... I'll be doing a little sewing! stay tuned.


the benefit auction for the Liz Logelin Foundation is live!

A while ago I wrote in depth about the Liz Logelin Foundation and the bunny I was working on for their benefit. I'm so pleased that the auction is now up and they've made it open to all... Here's the link to bid on the bunny I made via ebay. 100% of the proceeds got to LLF so please bid often and generously... and good luck!

To see more about LLF check out these posts here, and here.


two corners.

slowly the studio is taking shape. I thought I'd have everything set up before now, but there have been too many obstacles standing in my way (both physical and metaphorical). Everything needs to find a home today: a place for everything and everything in it's place... well, that might be too much to hope for but I'll be happy to have just enough order to get me back to work.

These are two tables set up across of each other- one is for hand sewing, the other for machine sewing/ drawing out patterns/ taking photos. This studio is even smaller than my last, so I'm having to be inventive with how spaces will function- every space has to be used well to make it all flow: We'll see how it all works soon enough... I'm glad to have all my shelves and supplies set up so these spaces will remain fairly bare- all the better to work on- right?!

side note: feeling quite ambivalent about my paint choice. It's a super light purple that reads as grey sometimes (YES!) and as full on lavender others (yikes). hoping it grows on me.