a reason to give and a bunny in progress...

As mom there are things in the world I can't wrap my head around- one would be loosing my partner while my son is still very young... that idea is beyond me. I don't know how I would go on. Recently I found a foundation based in Minneapolis set up to help those who find themselves in that very unthinkable situation. The story behind the Liz Logelin Foundation is one of tragedy, hope, and the ultimate resilience of life...
They're are holding they're annual auction and benefit in early September and I'm so excited to be making something to give...

I wanted a to make a bunny that was soft and sweet to hold- something that made me think of comfort- but that was a little different than the usual bears I make. Here's what I've got so far:

I'll be sure to post more about the auction as the date nears!


  1. That is just the cutest little bunny ever- what a wonderful donation!

  2. So adorable, hug-gable and thoughtful!