Johnny's old worn and loved bear...

Johnny's Old Worn and Loved Bear:
hand dyed muted blue mohair and wool felt, glass eyes, loose disk joints, one of a kind pattern, vintage wool ribbon, hand dyed and aged... 7.5" tall. $240 + shipping.

I'll take the first email order I receive for this old bear- Forgive me, I'm headed out for the afternoon- so I'll send out emails when I get back! JM

 Johnny has found a home- THANKS!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    It always amazes me how you create something beautiful out of almost thin air.
    To someone like me who doesn't sew, it really does seem like magic!

    He's lovely!

  2. what it perfect! His eyes are, look deep! very nice creation!

  3. love this blue bear. the different shades of blue are great

  4. absolutely stunning, so much character in the bears face. I adore him! xx