holiday shopping...

This year, instead of posting all the new pieces as usual on my website... I'll be posting 12 wonderful one of a kind pieces- one each day from: December 1st thru December 12th- here and on Ebay.

I'm still working on all the pieces and hashing out the details, but I hope to have a handful of ornaments, mitten mice, a kitty or two, at least one bunny, of course a few bears... and??? Most will be Christmas-ie but there will be a few non-holiday pieces in there too. Each auction will be 5 days long and all will start out at $40.

Check the blog or ebay each day
(around 12 noon CST) for the new listing...

Layaway is avaiable for these listings. For all the details... here are all the details.


Very thankful indead.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here... it was my first time making dinner without my mom at the helm- and it went really well if I do say so myself. We were surrounded by loved ones and good food. mmmmmm. I think Thanksgiving may be the perfect holiday.
Hope you all had a very good one!
(I made this turkey last year- he's the one and only- but I hope to make more next year... I'm quite smitten with him)


more Silver Bella...

My mom posted a bunch of photos from Silver Bella on her blog today... Check out some of those shots from the Vendor Fair. Good shopping- Really good shopping.


hello little bits...

While I was at Silver Bella, I met the wonderful Crystal Hanehan... She makes these super sweet cotton spun animals and I couldn't resist buying a reindeer for Claude's first ornament. The scale, feel, poseablity, and craft of these little pieces are what make them feel so special- I would love a little menagerie of them someday...

Visit her blog and etsy shop


Thanks Kari

When Teresa McFayden asked me if I'd like to teach at Silver Bella this year, I went to my good friend Kari (you may know her as Miss Artsy Mama)... She has two kids and had been to S.B. before- so while I was sitting at home with a baby in my belly trying to figure out what travel with a four month old would look like- Kari helped to paint that picture for me...



I've had so many emails about kits, so I just wanted to post all the info here.
I'm just now unpacking from my trip and I'll begin sorting through my supplies and putting together new kits next week... I just have to procure a few extra items and tweak the instructions ... then they'll be all ready to ship!

Snowman Clip Ornament Kit: $45
Is there a greater joy than building a snowman? He stands throughout the winter as a reminder of a day well spent. In this project you’ll use the highest quality fabrics and materials to make an heirloom that will mark this season for generations.
What you'll need:
paper scissors, sewing scissors, needle nose pliers/hemostats, large* and medium sewing needles, felt glue, hot glue
(* special upholstery needles available for $4... I use these all the time and supplied them for the workshop. While they are not mandatory for this project, they're really hand for this and soooo many other situations.)

What's included:
Instructions with detailed images, felted & dyed 100% wool felt, cotton chenille stem, excelsior stuffing, pin eyes, red nose, candy cane and bottle brush tree, vintage ornament clip, black card stock, waxed & heavy sewing thread, black & colored floss

Bundle Up Birdie Shadow Box Kit: $38
In the heart of winter, we all have to bundle up to keep warm. This little shadow box will be a sweet reminder that while it's cold outside, our little nest is always warm.
What you'll need:
1 or 2 decorative papers, 1 8.5”x11” solid card stock, glitter or mica, paper scissors, sewing scissors, pinking sheers, exacto knife, ruler, paper and felt glue, hot glue, foam brush or paintbrush, bone burnisher, hole punch, twig or small branch, sanding block.

What's Included:
Instructions with detailed images, 3”x4.25” paper mache box, patterns, 2 cotton pompoms, onyx bead eyes, 100% wool felt, black card stock, acorn top


If you'd like to place an order for one or both of these kits, email me with your address and let me know how you'd like to send your payment. I accept paypal (send funds to jennifer@Jmurphybears.com), check, or money order. Shipping is $6- priority mail.


Silver Bella...

I just returned home from Silver Bella, and it's all too much to even wrap my head around- I'm not sure where to begin. Hmmmm.

Well to start with it was a whirlwind of fun, beauty and talent.... I met so many wonderful ladies- miss Bella herself- Teresa, all the other instructors, the guest speaker- Jo Packam of Where Women Create... and the bright shinny 200+ ladies who attended.

I think I had around 130 students in my workshops and I was overwhelmed by the kindness, talent, and just plan good mojo surrounding me each day. Thanks to all who patiently listened to me formulate my ideas- this Mommy Brain of mine is a little thick some days- but I was so happy with how everyone's pieces came out. I wish I had had a photographer on hand! While I remembered to photograph everyone at work, I completely forgot to take image of the finished snowman... but I shot a few of the Bundle Up Birdie Shadow Boxes.

For anyone interested, I may (if I can get it all together!) be selling a few additional kits from these two projects. Email me if you're interested...

More photos soon- I have to chat about what I saw, who I met, and all the goodness- but it has to sink in a little more... ohhh my- suffice to say- if you haven't been to Silver Bella before- make plans to come next year!



The Studio is a full time Kit Factory.
(headed to Silver Bella in just a couple days- sooooo much to do!)


Happy Election Day

Go out and VOTE!

Getting Ready!

I'm working away... making kits, getting my instructions all together, and getting super excited about Silver Bella! I leave next week, and I have SO much to do before then... here's what the studio looks like today.