I'm showing up

This guy is all ready to be stuffed and there is a big pink bunny sitting next to him... things are in fact happening. Slow yes, but surely just the same.

The studio has been busy. More busy that I have hours to give, but it feels good to be working furiously and then skip out on it all to care for my kids, myself, my family. They're still so little I keep reminding myself. Now just 3 and 6 they're all love and play and energy and chaos. I miss the days in my old big studio where I could spend long days and work into the night, but this... this right now: this is better. This is rich and full and hard and I love it. So with all that energy and heart, when I sit down to make one or two of these pieces,  I'm showing up with my whole heart, and I think all that goodness gets in there too.