Silver Bella

While I have a moment, I wanted to share with you an event I'm attending this fall which I'm really excited about...

Silver Bella in Historic Omaha Nebraska:
a weekend of workshops, shopping, and meeting new and creative people who share your passion for beautiful handmade things...

The schedule promises 3 fun filled days:

Thursday November 12
Welcome Night, Dinner and Group Workshop

Friday November 13

Workshop Day!

Startdust Vendor Faire

Saturday November 14
More Workshops!
Bella Luncheon with Special Guest: Jo Packham

What I love about this event is the variety of instructors and the amount of workshops which come with your registration. Along with all the community events, you're able to choose 5 workshops over the three days. Here are the two Workshops I'll be teaching.

Bundle Up Birdie Shadow Box
In the heart of winter, we all have to bundle up to keep warm. This little shadow box will be a sweet reminder that while it's cold outside, our little nest is always warm. Jennifer will give tips and tricks for making simple little pom pom birds and walk you through the step-by-step creation of this lovely shadow box.

Snowman Clip Ornament
Is there a greater joy than building a snowman? He stands throughout the winter as a reminder of a day well spent. In this workshop we'll use the highest quality fabrics and materials to make an heirloom that can mark this season for generations. You'll learn the basics of dying and felting wool felt (which will be done before the workshop begins), what is and how to use Excelsior stuffing, and joy of working with the finest materials and methods which have been used for over 100 years to make stuffed animals and toys.

I'm honored to be among this talented group of instructors who will each be teaching two different workshops over the weekend.


  1. So excited to have you a part of Silver Bella, Jen. Of course I'm taking both your classes. Can't wait!!!

  2. Jennifer....well, i won't be able to come, but the shadow boxes would be great for a future update for a something new!!! so many possibilities!!!

  3. hi.
    i just found your blog through Decor8 and saw this!
    i get to make this. :)
    at silver bella.
    i have never been and i am very excited.
    love all your pictures here.

  4. oh, the memories of taking a class with you! Hope no one spills coffee on you this time. Wear black just in case.
    Of course, I am jealous and envious of everyone. I so would like to play.