two corners.

slowly the studio is taking shape. I thought I'd have everything set up before now, but there have been too many obstacles standing in my way (both physical and metaphorical). Everything needs to find a home today: a place for everything and everything in it's place... well, that might be too much to hope for but I'll be happy to have just enough order to get me back to work.

These are two tables set up across of each other- one is for hand sewing, the other for machine sewing/ drawing out patterns/ taking photos. This studio is even smaller than my last, so I'm having to be inventive with how spaces will function- every space has to be used well to make it all flow: We'll see how it all works soon enough... I'm glad to have all my shelves and supplies set up so these spaces will remain fairly bare- all the better to work on- right?!

side note: feeling quite ambivalent about my paint choice. It's a super light purple that reads as grey sometimes (YES!) and as full on lavender others (yikes). hoping it grows on me.

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  1. organizing is my downfall. i always just want to get busy.
    getting a fresh start is always nice though and soon you will be off and running