happy new years and a sale?!

Like everyone else at this time of year, I'm trying to shine a bright light down the path of the new year. I'm cleaning up my studio and my virtual spaces too. I'm making a list of all the studio to dos for the early part of the year... (1/work on valentines day pieces, 2/carve out time for new projects, 3/clean clean clean, 4/take a walk after baking something delicious (that ones for today!) 5/ make a new pattern for the shop). On and on it goes.

For today I'm cleaning up my Etsy Shop. It's been a long neglected spot where I'd occasionally add odd bits, but it began as my Cake Topper Shop. Etsy is an amazing source when you know what you want but don't know who might be making it. I began making my pom pom cake toppers back in 2007- and opened my etsy shop just for that reason. After being on the Martha Stewart Show and posting the bunny pom pom tutorial, more and more people started making similar pieces- so it goes. At any rate I stopped making Cake Toppers for the shop and for special order last year- but I have a handful still kicking around the studio. The new year seems the perfect time to mark them way way down (50%) and hope that wedding or not- someone who loves them will take one home.

Here they are- once they're gone they're gone.
I'm hanging up my cake topper hat. good bye you last few cuties!

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