...panda injury, resulting scar, and new things in the works...

Yesterday Claude brought his panda to me with a boo boo. He needed me to look him over, give him a kiss, and put a band aid on the wound. I'm unsure of the actual injury or the incident that caused it, but after his band aid was removed it was clear panda had a scar. poor panda. We doubt his hair will grow back, but scars add personality to their wearer- right?!

After this whole drama, I decided to make a few more pandas for the Valentines update. I dyed fabric yesterday, it dried over night, and while Claude is out in the world today Panda is hanging out in my studio as inspiration.

it's sunny and warm here today- all is well in the studio- and I bid you all a happy day from MN!


  1. ooo poor panda...but I think he looks even more cute with his boo-boo scar.Love the colours you dyed!!Can't wait to see how they turned out!!
    I just love panda's!!
    Hope you will sell his pattern in your shop one day...:O)
    Love from Holland,

  2. What a beauty! boo-boo too!

  3. Oh poor panda!!! Cannot wait for the update!!!