Home again Home again- Unpacking and...

The Creative Connection was a great event- a few little snafus here and there, but by in large three days packed with lectures, classes, and events to overflow ones proverbial crafting cup...

On Thursday I taught The Basics of Sewing Heritage Toys- where everyone made a mohair bunny. At one point I looked around the room and saw everyone intensely working, furrowed brows, and heard what had become a soundtrack of constant sighing. Oh no... I was sure I'd lost them. Sewing on mohair and stuffing with excelsior isn't exactly hard, but if you haven't done it it's a whole lot of new information and technique to pack into one 3 hour class (no stuffing pun indented). In fear of having an angry crafting mob on my hands I stayed an extra 1/2 hour to see that most everyone finished up and with so much help from my Teaching Assisting- Miss Patricia Murphy herself... it seemed that the class was a hit. Phew. Most everyone left smiling and thanking me for such a fun class. Double phew- and yes, I did just write Double Phew.

On Friday afternoon I taught the "Let There be Peace" Clip Ornament workshop- which was such a pleasure. I had a much smaller class of only 8 people and we all chatted and made birds and marveled at the individual cuteness that abounded... seriously cute little birds.

Saturday I taught both classes a second time back to back and the second time was the charm if I do say so myself. Everything seemed much easier and even the bunny Class was relaxed.

So that's the brief run down of my classes but there were so many social engagements which I haven't mentioned where I saw old friends, finally met some people I've been conversing with via email for years, and was introduced to new artists, crafters and brilliant women... I didn't make it to many of the lectures and panels because I was in class, but I seriously enjoyed hearing Amy Butler talk about her work, life, and the act of making. She was so generous and open- I left that night feeling super tired but genuinely grateful. Grateful to be someone who makes a living making things, surrounded by kindness, and happy about it all-

So now I'm home. I know I didn't actually get on a plane this last week- but I was so far out of my routine. With Jay in NYC on business, my parents here helping out, rarely in the studio, and sadly only seeing Claude in short bits- I'm SO happy to be home.

I'll be posting more soon- I'm working on Kits... yep! kits!


  1. Oh Jennifer- I think you did an amazing job in our first bunny class!!! *pats you and your helper bee on the back*

    My morning was so chuck full of stuff it was a pleasure to work on a bunny! I believe my furrowed brow was that non- automatic shift from "listening-to-panel-brain" to "squeeeeee! Crafty goodness!" ;)

    You seriously did an awesome job!!
    Hazzah!! - kits! Yeaaaa!

  2. you were such a fantastic teacher! hope you post the 'group' photos...

  3. Wishing on a star you do a workshop next year...and I am there - sighing with such a "pinch me" in my sigh & a twinkle in my eye and mohair all around.