Acorns Acorns and more Acorns

There everywhere- but ohhh so elusive.

Yesterday Claude and I went out for an acorn hunt. I'd flat ran out of acorn tops to fill all the orders I'd taken for these little nuts, so the big nut and I drove around for over a hour before we found a cluster of big oaks which bore enough fruit. It was a slightly ridiculous scene- Claude in a sling with a blanket wrapped around us to keep him warm and asleep- me bending and holding, and nearly falling over trying to keep the blanket in place, gather the nuts, and straining on my unfit legs- up and down- up and down. Sometimes I curse my disdain for the car seat- really would it have been that hard to just carry him around in that??? apparently- yes.
So now back in the studio... I'm working away. Some orders have been sent out with acorns, and I have a few more to go. Nut Nut Nut.... repeat.


  1. you poor thing,i could barely manage to carry my son in the sling,let alone be bending back and forth. looks like you managed a big batch of caps. ;o)

  2. That is just brilliant how you combined the craft with the natural end of the acorn. SO adorable, too! Nothing like a good Fall outing, eh? ;-)

  3. The acorns turned out wonderfully...I guess I need to learn how to felt. :)

  4. Jennifer,
    I am giggling picturing you gathering those acorns!!! I bet the squirrel union had a meeting about you! lolo
    Have a great day!

  5. I love this time of year and it's great that your taking Claude out while you gather your acorn caps. It's amazing what you learn to do while holding your child.
    The acorns are adorable and I look forward to mine arriving next week.
    Thanks for sharing your cute story with us today.

  6. These are beautiful. I featured them at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com Grab my "featured" button.

  7. Beautiful acorn-art! I live at the foot of an oak forest, my blog is called, the "root of the oak", mostly about family ... Looking forward to follow you art and crafts. Hugs, Grethe in Norway