We flew into NYC yesterday for a little family getaway- a little work and a little play. I have my favorite stops while I'm here and today we hit up two of them...

Grumpys for the worlds best latte- (it's not only beautiful it's also hands down the best latte I've found- funny to think there could be that much of a difference, but ohhh my there is.)
Purl- both the yarn and the fabric shops (because who can ever have enough of either?). They are such inspiring little places... beautiful colors and textures, all tied up in little efficient storefronts.

After our walkabout, Claude, Jay and I hung out in the park and I gazed at my bag o' bounty. It's been a good day....


  1. Oh, how fun that must be to fly in to New York and play. Went to the websites you have indicated on your post. I love lattes and fabric. They go oh so well together.
    Claude is adorable, he must be looking at you.
    Have fun and enjoy the Big Apple.

  2. hope it's a wonderful trip for you
    been thinking of you all..xxoo

  3. Jennifer that latte looks so inviting...and here I can't drink it even if I wanted too. The picture of it just makes my mouth water LOL. :)

  4. Looks like a most wonderful getaway, Jennifer. I've never been to Grumpy's but LOVED Purl - definitely on my list for NYC.

  5. oh neat. i've always wanted to visit purl. one of these days when i get back to nyc! and that latte place sounds fantastic. mmmmm. *

  6. bring that baby and lot's of books back.
    we miss you!!