UPDATE!!! here's all the news:

So much is happening around here- my sister is about to give birth- a n y  m o m e n t  now, my parents are getting ready to come out for a visit and a long stay at my house, the studio is shaping up for a big update, and Jay is off to Rome for a few days for work. With all that's going on around here, it's been hard for me to nail down my website update. I usually try to plan at least a few weeks out, but with so much happening on the family front (those babies don't tell us when they're arriving!) it's been hard to know when would be the best day. Without further adieu, here's my plan:

Spring Website Update 
Thursday March 29th 12 noon CST 
(1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

with a PREVIEW! from 11:30- 11:55am CST- 
that's 25 min to browse all the pieces at your leisure

All the New Spring Pieces for the Preview and proper Update, will be on view at the Shop. Do ask me if you have any questions at all, as I'm always happy to help! I'll be working up to the last minute on Thursday- be sure to stop by the blog to see everything in process.


  1. Well shoot! How come i don't live closer! I'd love to help..hope everything goes well with Miz K & baby 2, hope you're top notch, have a fun crazy next few weeks! Cooper is 4 Sat & asked if his friend Claude could come... :o) xox!

  2. New cousin for Claude on the way . . . Now, why would Grandma & Grandpa be coming for an extended stay?!