what is happening right now in my house...

my lovely man friend is taking down a wall and working on a new studio for me. This was decided (by him) this morning on our walk to get some coffee- and without much time passing the wall came down. I'm writing this post to the sound of drilling as the twoxfours are being removed. In this my eighth month of pregnancy I have been nesting- yes, it's true. But I've been doing small things, while Jay has been moving at super speed, working on our house in ways that I've never seen let alone expected. Exciting things....


  1. Around my new house, I noticed that both birdies were working to build the nest, gather the food, and feeding the now chirrupping baby birdies. It's only natural! Best of luck, exciting!

  2. This is so exciting... new baby, new house, and another new studio!!