a fun project/diversion- new postcards!

Today after sewing a little and cleaning up the house and making lists of all the things that needed to happen and consulting my calendar, I decided I could spare and hour for something fun. I'd been wanting to make a set of MOO postcards for a while. Something different than my usual mailers- slicker and photo based... and after seeing other people's projects printed by MOO I couldn't quite resist. The process was super simple and I can't WAIT to get them in the mail. I gathered images, checked/changed the sizes of the files to fit their format, and added text on the back on the MOO website- presto- done. I'll be sure to share the results when they arrive but here's a sneak peek:

THE DEAL: After ordering I received this link to save 10% on all future orders to share with Friends... here you go Friend! Enjoy.



  1. They look so lovely!Thank you for sharing your great works!

  2. ohmy goodness how sweet are those little mice!