ohhh my- quilt love.

no- these are not my babies... and no this is not my quilt nor my fabric, but I had to share all three. I found this post from a while ago on Amanda Blake Soule's lovely blog Soule Mama and haven't gotten it out of my mind. I keep returning to these images and day dreaming of making a similar quilt for my own babies. Claude is completely in love with the natural world and we're always collecting things from our walks and talking about birds, insects, and plants. The simplicity of this quilt, this moment in our lives, and these perfectly simple drawings rendered on fabric are a killer trifecta. Now all I need to do is find a little time to make a plan- order- and sew sew sew.

Read more about Amanda's quilt here and see all of these remarkable fabric prints by Holly Ward Bimba (and many more that I'm beyond smitten with) available in her Spoonflower shop.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your quilts,they look very nice!Wish you have a good life!