Outtakes: part 2

Here are more outtakes from the photo shoot for Where Women Create... See the published piece here.


  1. Очень интересно все рассматривать. Я люблю бытовые фотографии.)))
    Катя из Сибири

  2. Lovely lovely lovely. You are such a star!

  3. You seriously have the cutest little baby boy I've ever seen!

  4. I just have to tell you that I went to the bookstore today and had to have a look at WWC. To see both you and your mom profiled and read about you two and see your spaces and inspiring little things was so inspiring to me...so I bought the mag. :o) I'm glad to see teddy bear (and other little creatures) artisans being featured in other creative publications. I know this can help to spread the love of teddy to others. Kudos to you and your mom (and your photography rocks, too!)!

    Debora, New Avenue Crew

  5. i went to 3 stores and finally found it at rose mille. congrats again :)

  6. I've just received a copy from your Mom and I think both your studio's are so special, clearly as are you two! I'm so jealous, one day when I have my own studio I hope its as beautiful and inspiring as yours.

  7. i was so surprised to see the little elephant on the round pincushion in one of your top pix. i have a similar one and had assumed it was handmade. do you know anything about yours?

    1. Hi Susan,
      they were made in Japan in the late 40's I would guess... Each was handmade and each I find are certainly a bit different but they were mass produced and arn't too hard to find these days in antique shops or ebay.
      thanks for the note,