the new studio

A while ago, we took down a wall between two bedrooms in order to make me a new, and larger studio. It's been sitting in this state for quite a while- since Vita arrived to be exact. But, soon enough we'll get back to work on moving me from one small room in our house into a much larger space- hallelujah. I haven't photographed my current studio much, it's too small and overcrowded to ever feel picturesque, so I'm looking forward to this new space. I can't wait really... there is nothing better than a studio which allows for a clean and comfortable flow of working, and it will be nice to set up this new space with just that in mind.

The first move- my new little office. What was a small walk in closet with a window, will become my new office. I put some wool Flor tiles in, painted, and hung a new light... the shelves are in and soon enough the desk will be there two. Looking forward to writing you from this new space soon enough.

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  1. Wonderful. Can't wait to see how this space becomes another spot for your creative juices to flow. Thanks for sharing!