STUDIO SALE //// coming soon \\\\\\\

It's time to make a fresh start- so I'm cleaning up and getting everything out! I've been stocking up on vintage and occasionally beautiful newer items for years but now I'm feeling the need to purge and simplify the studio- so why not pass some of these goodies on to people who will appreciate them as much as I do?!

I'm working up to a big online sale----> taking photos and going through bins, drawers, shelves, and boxes. It will be short and sweet, maybe just a couple days long. I've yet to set a date but expect to hear more soon! Here's what I've gathered so far- and there is so so so much more to come:


  1. so sweet! will they be sold on etsy?

  2. How exciting - can't wait!!!! I was also wondering if they will be in your etsy shop?

  3. I'm liking this fresh start for you and enticing fun stuff for me!

  4. Much the same goes on over here for me
    with so many similar things as yours. The
    purge feels good! Donating everything to
    the local Goodwill - the easier more expedient
    solution for the far too lazy me.

  5. I will definitely be checking out your sale tomorrow and look forward to it.