another sneak peek!

The Studio Sale is coming along! Here's more images of the bits I pulled out yesterday- and more are coming out today. Today- HALLOWEEN! fun. So there are lots of vintage items, supplies, a few newer high quality pieces, pieces for display, and a whole lot of cute things. Come see all the good on...

//// THURSDAY JULY 14th to SUNDAY JULY 17th! \\\\
--- four days only ----

I'll post all the details here (on the blog) when the sale is up - check in at 12noon CST for the link. There are lots of vintage items- so when they're gone they're gone! I'm building the shop now- it will not be on etsy but will be a typical "shopping cart" format. That means you can just check out and pay via paypal- no need to email me with orders. Easy as pie.

~~ STOCK UP ~~
shipping will be calculated on only one item (the heavy/largest) and all the rest ship for free.  The average shipping is just $5-$6... so there will not be any big surprises when you go to check out. All boxes will be mailed from the USPS Priority mail, without insurance. Everything is sold as-is.

Since there are one one of many things - remember that your items are not yours until you've paid for them- IE they can be sold even if they're in your shopping cart, the items sell to the first person to pay for them. 

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