the last few days-

Like everyone else in the northern part of the u.s. we've been nearly snowed in. Nearly snowed in in Minneapolis doesn't mean much of a change in your day... we're pretty much just waiting to get dumped on- so when it happens no one seems to bat an eye. We all just dig out and get on with the day. Jay Claude and I went for a short walk today in the bright snowy-sunny "tundra". It's so bright and wonderful out there right now. Cold- yes, but so brilliant and crisp. It's hard not to be awed by the glaring sun warming the soul and freezing the cheeks- I like it.

So all that said- my ventures outside are short. While inside, I've been dying mohair and making new patterns. I'm really excited about the lucky little old boys in the works. It has been a productive couple days.


  1. Jennifer, the colors are beautiful. I love the soft green mohair and the accent fabrics are adorable. You have such a great eye for picking out the cutest fabric for their clothes.

  2. I also like that green mohair and the gold mohair. that fabric for the outfits is wonderful!
    where can we find that fabric?
    snowed in here in Maryland where everything shuts down in snow

  3. I know! I love those prints- the stripe is part of the new Hope Valley line by DENYSE SCHMIDT (she's so great), the clover print I bought years ago- who knows where, and the dot is from Super Buzzy- love those dots!

  4. I'm curious to that green mohair...I like the color!


  5. What a great picture :) Love the colors.


  6. Jen, the colors are great. Something to look forward to, we need to get thru these midwest winters!