It's been a CRAZY morning-

Thank you so much for all your emails and orders! I'm still working to get though them all, but as it stands now, all the pieces are sold. Because this was a slightly smaller than usual update, pieces sold even faster than usual. So sorry to all who didn't get the opportunity to purchase something special for Valentine's Day. If you tried to order this morning and you haven't heard from me yet- I'll be emailing you soon...

Again- Thank you all for your continued support of my work! I'm already working on something special for St.Pat's and and and...


  1. Congratulations for selling out so fast. It is no surprise though, since you have such a wonderful group of collectors who love you and your creations.

  2. Jennifer, you work is extraordinary. All the more so in today's mass manufactured world.

    Any collector who is lucky enough to own a piece of yours is indeed fortunate. They own something precious and real to cherish for generations.

  3. What a lovely update Jennifer! Your little animals bring me such happiness! I am absolutely thrilled that little Eunice is joining our family. I finally was able to get lucky on one of your updates!

  4. Jennifer -
    Amazing as usual! I LOVE the new round bear. He's adorable. Thanks for sharing your talents.