The second class I'll be teaching at the Creative Connection is very exciting for me... This will be the first time I've shared my process of making jointed stuffed pieces- The Basics of Sewing Heritage Toys. In this workshop you'll make a stuffed mohair bunny with jointed arms that’s perfect for holiday gifting or display in your home. Buy a presewn pattern at the workshop, or sew your own and bring it with you to class.* Either way, you’ll learn the ins and outs of basic pattern making and vintage toy construction, including machine sewing on mohair, stuffing with excelsior, joining systems, and hand sewing techniques.

*Students opting to sew the bunny beforehand will receive a pattern, information on where to purchase the fabric, and sewing instructions by mid-June. You will need to order 1/4 yard of fabric, draw and cut out the pattern pieces, and sew the pieces together. The machine sewing should take about 1 hour.

Sign up for one day (that's two different workshops) or 3 fun filled days of projects, lectures, outings and more... Check out all the details here.


  1. Jennifer,

    I just signed up for this class. Wondering how I can get the pattern, I probably won't be able to make it before hand, but I do sew and would love to have the pattern to use in the future.

    Thanks - so happy to take more of your classes, we met at Silver Bella!


  2. Hello Alanna!
    email me directly so I have your contact info and I'll send you all the info!
    Looking forward to seeing you again!